Your Instagram Bio Is What’s Keeping Your Brand From Getting Followers

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Does Your Instagram Bio Suck?

It’s okay. It happens to the best of us. The good news is that GOA-TECH wants to help your Instagram marketing by helping you fix up your crummy bio. In our business, we see some terrible business owner bios.

These often don’t say anything. In a worse scenario, many say a whole lot of the wrong things. After all, you put your business on Instagram to grow the brand, and engage your readers, not make a Facebook profile. Business bios that talk about the food and TV you love represent a way of the past. This instills an attitude in many readers that say “Who cares?”

As potential customers and clients, your readers will want to know how your business can help or benefit them. The point is, your audience likely remains uninterested in providing you their hard-earned cash because you share a love for coffee.

Remain Relatable in your Content

Many businesses live and die by their Instagram marketing strategies. When you think about it, your image grid and company bio may represent the only shot you wield to convince your targeted demographic to follow you.

Your Instagram bio section will only afford you 150 precious characters to get to the point. Your readers will want to know “what is in it for me?” The Instagram bio has to count for something, demonstrating what you represent, and what you can do for the potential consumer.

Ensure Your Bio Imparts Clear Intention

Does your Instagram bio information serve your business? Is it thoughtful and cohesive with your Instagram marketing goals?

Any company utilizing social media marketing should act intentionally in choosing their platform and Instagram is no exception. Look at your Instagram marketing strategy as a tool to reach a bigger goal. No successful business tries to gain followers purely for the sake of possessing many followers.

This all begins with your Instagram bio. You need to clearly outline and decide on your goals including growing your email list, highlighting specific blog posts, cultivating or expanding brand awareness, as well as selling a product or service.

Your Instagram bio also allows you to add a link. This link can lead to a specific blog post on your website or your online shop. It’s vital to utilize this link space as it’s the only place you can add a clickable link on Instagram.

Once you determine your true intentions behind utilizing Instagram marketing strategies, you can incorporate specificity in your call-to-action. This will point your targeted audience in these specific directions.

For example, your bio will certainly include your company name. However, you can also use the Instagram bio section to advertise a new promotion or product. It might look something like:

AWESOME NEW PRODUCT/PROMOTION – (Your company name here)


(Your company name here) can help you achieve real results in no time at all!

Although direct and to the point, many readers will appreciate this level of transparency in your Instagram marketing strategy. When engaging readers on social media, use the limited amount of space you possess in the bio to your advantage!

Instagram Marketing Miami | GOA-TECH

You may look at the Instagram bio section as a minute, minuscule, or insignificant part of an overall Instagram marketing strategy. Nevertheless, the bio is a seriously important component of your entire profile.

Our advice at GOA-TECH is taking the time to think about your intentions for using the Instagram platform, stating this very clearly within the bio. Have some fun and play around with your bio, analyze results, and adjust!

For more information on how our company can help you with an Instagram marketing campaign, contact GOA-TECH today!

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