How to use Instagram’s Close Friends List to Market Your Business

Instagram Close Friends List

How Your Instagram Close Friends List Can Apply to Your Business

Late last year, Instagram rolled out yet another new feature called “Close Friends“. This enables users to share their stories with specifically tailored, handpicked groups of followers. Although the Instagram Close Friends List seems way more relevant to personal accounts, however, businesses can also leverage the platform’s new feature for their needs as well.

When you think about it, the Close Friends feature represents another way that a company can cultivate specific content for specific audiences. Personalization is a crucial component in brand development that can help companies establish and maintain relationships with their audiences.

Our team from GOA-TECH wants to share some different ways that we thought of utilizing the close friends feature to help your brand’s social media presence.

Organize your Instagram Close Friends List between Customers and VIP Customers

Adding customers to your Instagram Close Friends List provides brands with a more intimate to thank these followers for their attention. Utilize Stories to share insights into your brand culture, or even offer promotions, information on new products, etc.

This list also provides a great method to keep up-to-date on following and retaining customers. You can take this a step further by establishing VIP customers on Close Friends.

Your brand could utilize Close Friends for a VIP list. This would act as a tiered program to drive retention and acquisition as you make this group feel special or exclusive. Although this may be easier to implement if your company already has a loyalty program in place, you could run a campaign where opt-ins obtain specific perks.

Collaborate with Peers or Influencers in Your Industry

If your brand has utilized influencer marketing in the past to promote your company, you can make a list of these specific entities. This will help you specifically target this group with new features, services, products, and updates. Furthermore, these are additional tools they can utilize to promote the brand further.

Close Friends marketing could offer them early, exclusive access. It would also open an opportunity to ask questions before you share details publicly on all of these new offerings with your general audience. Using an Instagram Close Friends List in this fashion provides an ideal opportunity to fine-tune initiatives before launching publicly.

Use an Instagram Close Friends List to Thank Your Most Loyal Followers

An Instagram story may not affect users as much as a personal or handwritten note. However, sharing a thank you video or even a whiteboard clip thanking dedicated followers can go a long way. As opposed to DMing, each user, you could put these loyal followers into an Instagram Close Friend List to hit them up all at once.

Instagram Close Friends List

Instagram Close Friends List Business Strategies | GOA-TECH

Despite just saying “Hello” to Instagram Close Friends, it is time to move this feature along. Welcome Close Customers, Close VIPs, or Close Influencers. The Instagram Close Friends List is a fresh and visual way to personalize content among different groups. Personalization is a crucial component in influencing purchasing decisions. For most companies, trying out this platform provision is worth a chance.

GOA-TECH is a comprehensive digital marketing, advertising, web design, and IT firm based in the South Florida community. We assist companies all over the country to establish and streamline their brand offerings on social media and beyond. To learn more about the latest social media trends and utilize Instagram’s hot new Close Friends feature for your business, contact us today!

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