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What’s Up with Instagram’s New Chat Features?

It seems social media networks change their interface or add new features every other month. It’s one thing to adjust to a new Facebook design or Twitter feature; however, adapting to updates that completely alter the way a platform functions can take some time before users feel completely comfortable. 

Staying up to date is a must in modern social media marketing. When it comes to Instagram marketing and customer relationship management on the platform, sometimes there is a steep learning curve.

This is why our GOA-TECH wants to break down IG’s new chat features for you and outline how you might use some of these new tools to interface with customers with Instagram marketing in Miami and your brand online!

“There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram”

Once a user chooses to update IG chat with the new feature set, the traditional DM icon in the app’s top right is then replaced with the Facebook Messenger icon, linking the two platforms together.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram recently received several visual updates and features, including support for chat themes, custom reactions, as well as selfie stickers, and a vanish mode.

These changes represent a part of Facebook’s overhauled messaging platform. Although Facebook announced this new suite of tools in late September, the updates are still rolling out with users on the platform noticing more and more updates as the weeks go on.

The initial release introduced the ability for Instagram users to communicate with Facebook users directly for the first time with cross-app communication and other features.

How to Use this New Way to Message Effectively in Instagram Marketing

From an Instagram Management Service and marketing standpoint, new chat themes, custom reactions, and all-new emoji reactions offer brands the chance to inject more personalization in customer relationship management.

Social media chat features like these new Instagram tools enable brands to interact with their target audiences like never before. Companies can offer transparency and insights into brand personality and manage responses and customer service instantaneously in real-time through chat and messaging toolkits.

Facebook’s decision to integrate platforms and essentially “lock” users into these new messaging tools makes it more difficult for users to defect to other competitive messaging apps, only strengthening Instagram marketing viability for companies and their advertising specialists.

Why bother with new apps when one app reaches two of the largest social networks? Facebook also owns the popular WhatsApp platform with potential for integration here as well.

Instagram Marketing in Miami | GOA-TECH

People now communicate more in private spaces than ever before. Over a billion users already operate on Messenger as their chosen locale for sharing, hanging out, and expressing themselves with family, friends, and company brands.

With the integration between Facebook Messenger and Instagram in full effect, this offers marketing opportunities in various ways for companies to improve their visibility and presence on social media platforms. 

The new update offers more room for creativity and customization, demonstrating more improvements and methods to show a personality and message from brands in any industry.

While these features give individual users the chance to help connect with friends and liven up group chats, Nevertheless, brands can get on the fun as well through the magic of customer relationship management and making the right efforts in their Instagram marketing initiatives.

To learn more about how a social media marketing business strategy and these new features can help you with brand expansion and managing customer relationships, contact our dedicated digital marketing team today from GOA-TECH!

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