5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram Engagement Tips

Grow Your Instagram Engagement with These 5 Pointers

Believe it or not, Instagram is much more than pretty pictures. Casually scrolling through your timeline, you may find photos of your sister taking a selfie, your co-worker’s lunch from yesterday, or an ad for the coffee shop down the street. The popular social media platform is used beyond the simple sharing of personal content but allows businesses to connect directly with their audiences. While your Instagram may get a few likes and comments now and then, utilizing these tips below will take your Instagram Engagement to the next level.


Hashtags are used for more than adding extra flair to your captions. They allow users to search directly for topics ranging from cool hairstyles to locations like Miami. By adding a hashtag to your caption or in a comment, you can maximize your views as hashtags are now followable. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on a post, but realistically, you risk getting banned or your posts not being seen accurately. Sticking to 8 to 12 tags do the trick. Lastly,  picking hashtags that relate to your brand and aren’t used as commonly allow your posts to appear first in searches.

Create Instastories.

Instastories have grown over the past few months allowing users to stay up to date on a brand’s activity. Here, your posts are captured in chronological order and stay at the top of the screen allowing your followers to see every time you add something new. In stories, it’s easy to post ads on upcoming specials, document a football game, or say hello to some new fans. You can also add hashtags and locations to maximize the views on each post.


Emojis make everything better. They are perfect to make a photo of you and your sister have more emphasis or used as a caption alone to make a statement. When adding emojis to your captions, you bring more personality to your page creating a more personable environment. Try asking your followers to drop an emoji in the comments and see how many people react.

Stay Engaged:

It’s not only about posting photos and expecting comments and likes, but you must also return the favor. Engaging in your follower’s photos with likes and comments allows you to build a new fanbase. Commenting on your friend’s photos will appear in the comment section enabling others to see your handle. This opens a door between you and new followers.

Post at the best time:

Posting at the right time is vital. Because of Instagram’s ever-changing algorithms, the key to getting the most engagement is posting at the right time. If you’re posting the most valuable content at 3 a.m. when your audience is sleeping, there’s a slim chance they will wake up to it in the morning. Instagram offers insights to business pages that allow you to see when you get the most engagement from your fans. Using these tools will allow you to not only maximize likes and comments but get the best out of the algorithms that are so hard to beat.

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