Get Your Likes Up with These 5 Types of Instagram Content Posts

Instagram Engagement Tips

Posts to Spice Up Your Instagram Business Feed

As time goes on, all of our attention spans diminish. Readers nowadays crave short, targeted pieces of content that we can consume in a single breath without requiring too much thought or effort.

For this reason, it comes as no surprise that readers remain much more likely to share visual content on social media than essentially any other kind. This is why social media platforms like Instagram keep on increasing in popularity. They focus on visual content with unique tools to deliver complex messaging within a mere few seconds.

Although some businesses may see this as a challenge to the way that they do business. However, for those that feel ready to move quickly, these Instagram engagement tips concerning the most beneficial types of Instagram content provide a substantial opportunity to capture and engage an entirely new group of people. Read on to learn more!

Partnerships with Influencers

When you want to provide your brand with some additional credibility and attention, influencer marketing is the ideal solution. Instagram posts that feature influencers in the industry perform well for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, viewers love seeing even the largest industry names endorsing a brand, even when the company shares the post initially.

However, in most scenarios, a big-name influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers is not a necessity. For the majority of businesses, they should reach out to smaller, micro-influencers that possess increased trust with their audience.

Give Your Followers Some Inside Insight

Most social media followers really appreciate content that goes behind the scenes. This cultivates transparency that enables viewers to feel like they get a glimpse behind the curtain for your brand. Amongst all our Instagram engagement tips, this one might build trust with a viewership the best.

For small and local businesses, sharing behind-the-scenes content is a great way to garner support with followers. This is additionally an inexpensive way to obtain a substantial amount of engagement as well.

Sharing Community Involvement

One of the quickest and most efficient Instagram engagement tips to facilitate trust and loyalty with your brand is by sharing involvement between your company and the local community.

For businesses in certain industries, they use the opportunity that social media provides to focus on their business industry. This could reflect something like tech or finance. However, the ideal method for sharing community involvement represents sharing interactions to benefit a local or charitable community.

Seize Your Moment with Timely Content

Most viewers love getting into the spirit of an event or a holiday. It doesn’t matter if this is a national occurrence like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or something smaller like National Pizza Day.

Take advantage of this by creating content and posts that remain timely, in addition to immediately relevant. A simple post about the business in relation to summer and spring vacations, as well as seasonal weather,  can go a long way to stimulating engagement.

Actionable Advice

We have to admit; we’re breaking the fourth wall a bit on this one. Nonetheless, it is almost impossible to cultivate a social media campaign without sharing useful and informative content. For this reason, providing actionable advice and tutorial-oriented content is ideal for establishing and maintaining followers.

Instagram Engagement Tips from GOA-TECH

Instagram Engagement TipsUltimately, in any social media campaign, you want your brand to remain consistent. However, you should do this while simultaneously diversifying your content and individual posts to maintain follower interest.

The best place to start is with these Instagram engagement tips, and balanced, consistent content. To learn more about maximizing your Instagram presence for your business, contact GOA-TECH today.

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