#GOAsk: Your Social Media Branding is Key to Superior Engagement

Social Media – The Avenue for Branding and Engagement, Not Traffic and Revenue

Social media continues to evolve. It used to serve as a one-to-all resource. This typically involved businesses posting links, photos, and other media on their chosen social media platform. They hoped to reach as many people as they possibly could, driving their leads and sales sky-high as a result.

In the early days of social media advertising, marketing channels imparted far less content and noise, and people clicked on almost anything that might grace their news feed.

However, in the modern, digital marketing era, we now view more content on social platforms than we could ever possibly consume. When a user sees something that doesn’t look interesting or useful to them, they keep on scrolling.

Social media is no longer a radio broadcast, focusing on specific groups or individuals. Businesses that utilize social media marketing successfully reflect the ones that provide personalized services.

Here at GOA-TECH, we want to provide some information on utilizing our most useful social media branding tip of all: viewing social media as a conversation, instead of a megaphone.

Asking the Right Questions

In the spirit of employing social media for branding and engagement, asking your readers the right questions remains key to opening a dialogue. Asking a question relating to the nature of your post can help you engage your followers.

This social media branding tip is a call to action for conversation. As a result, it may encourage your followers to respond with comments. As we all know, comments drive engagements to your post, as well as your brand.

Like and Respond

When you post on a social media platform, take your time going through the comments and mentions. Respond to and “Like” comments that complement the content or brand. When someone mentions your company, respond with a “Thank You” or other genuine response.

Following this social media branding tip can show the consumer that you care regarding their interest. They might also see that you respond, creating a feed. This is a great way to boost engagement.

Remember to Have Some Fun!

Social media is supposed to be “social” after all. Apply emojis, GIFs, and memes that can give your branding a voice. Users engage brands on social media that feel like they are human in nature. Their posts appear genuine and engaging.

Although social media branding tip is not a new approach, the strategy remains so successful that many marketing and social media marketing entities utilize the technique.

Turn Negatives into Positives

With any company, during any social media marketing campaign, an organization will receive a negative opinion, comment, or DM. If this feedback is spam-based or is unfounded, don’t engage.

However, when someone comments or mentions your company with legitimacy, respond professionally. Let them know that you hear their opinion or concern and that your brand values their opinion.

This social media branding tip takes a negative occurrence and offers the opportunity to open an avenue to turn this into positive action. As a result, you may discover that your brand’s efforts to remedy situations and engage these negative opinions to build trust with your consumers.

The Best Social Media Branding Tip from GOA-TECH

Social Media Branding Tip

Always remember that effectively implementing and executing a social media strategy will take some time. Nevertheless, always look at the situation like a conversation, not a group outreach. Your readers follow and support your brand. For this reason, it is worth the investment to engage with these individuals.

Over time, you can build your brand while creating trust. Hopefully, you experience a substantial amount of fun doing it as well. For more information on social media branding from GOA-TECH, check out our video above this article, and contact us today!

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