How Virtual Desktop Solutions Can Make Your Life Easier!

virtual desktop solutions

What is a Virtual Desktop?

Before 2020, virtual desktop solutions represented a part of a technology that most companies knew little about. However, now desktop virtualization is an advancement they wish they knew about sommer as it is the answer to many business problems. With the right, managed IT support services and a virtual desktop, you can improve your company collaboration, budget, and security infrastructure.

Data and information from virtual desktops are stored on remote servers instead of locally on a device, the standard in most office environments. This separates a desktop operating system, applications, and data from physical hardware, storing it in a private cloud environment. Users can access it remotely over the internet from any connected device.

With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic still plaguing company workings in South Florida, the United States, and all over the world, our IT support company in Miami GOA-TECH wants to share some of the benefits you’ll discover by implementing virtual desktop solutions.

Using a Virtual Desktop During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many companies shut their doors with the onset of the lockdown and social isolation necessary to combat COVID-19. Alternatively, other businesses asked their employees to alter their day-to-day work by working from home remotely. 

Virtual desktop solutions and technologies enable effective and efficient remote work through voice over internet protocols (VoIP), virtual meetings, cloud technology, and collaborative working tools.

Remote work limits direct interaction and helps to prevent the spread of viruses. With these helpful IT services, employees and team leaders can even meet with clients without direct in-person contact, therefore reducing COVID-19 risks. Additionally, virtual technology also helps employees save their commute time while offering added flexibility.

Simplifying IT Management with Virtual Desktop Solutions

With all the business data and information stored in one central location, companies can streamline and optimize their IT management solutions by utilizing desktop virtualization. Virtual solutions eliminate any need for installs, updates, and patch applications on every individual device.

Your IT department or an IT support company like GOA-TECH can focus more on managing remote technology and virtual desktop solutions without needing to go around to each device to perform updates.

As a result, your business can extend older devices’ lives by relying on virtual networking and remote desktops while also ensuring any data or information remains protected.

Increasing Your Productivity

During office meetings, team members and office leaders need to access files and documents. Without desktop virtualization, a file left behind at a desk or on a computer remains unavailable for the presentation.

Virtual desktop solutions enable everyone’s access to applications and files from various devices like smartphones, tablets, other computers, etc. It doesn’t matter if the meeting takes place at another office, even halfway across the globe.

Virtual Desktop Solutions | IT Services in Miami | GOA-TECH

IT services from GOA-TECH focus on helping our clients organize, store, protect, and simplify their networking and desktop operations with cloud services, virtual desktop solutions, and IT support in Miami. Our team of trained experts understands precisely how to reinvent and revitalize companies to get the most out of their operations while solving business problems.

The way a business runs during the day-to-day is frustrating and difficult, let alone when facing the challenges of working in an entirely new way, with entirely new technology. This is why GOA-TECH remains available to help you evaluate your needs while cultivating customized, innovative solutions for you!

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