Why Should You Tag Your Location On Social Media?

location-based marketing

Location-Based Marketing – Why Geotagging is Important for Follower Engagement

Social geotagging is the process of tagging geographical data with videos, photographs, websites, emails, and status updates. It may also represent the future of brand interaction with consumers and followers. This geographical information outlines location data concerning where the content was created or modified.

For companies that conduct business from a tangible, physical address, they will likely already come up as a location choice on many social media platforms. However, for digital or mobile businesses, this can pose a challenge.

The good news is that creating a new location and taking advantage of the numerous location-based marketing benefits is very easy. Our team from GOA-TECH wants to outline precisely how location-based marketing can benefit companies seeking optimal outreach with their audience while addressing why tagging your location on social media is essential in our modern, digital environment.

Geotagging Benefits

More people now use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in a similar fashion to Yelp’s review site. These individuals could be out and about and looking for a good restaurant or store. However, instead of turning to Yelp or a Google search, they may utilize a social media platform to find a location that suits their needs.

Businesses that regularly post content should tag their location in their posts. This works best with images, as well as product and service information.

We can look at location-based marketing this way. Let’s say a restaurant posts a decadent-looking picture of a new dish, tagging their location. The brand’s followers may then share this post with followers of their own. Others that view this tasty meal may feel more inclined to visit the location to try out this dish. Knowing the brand or company’s precise location will engage with these viewers. It won’t force them to look up the location, and understanding that the location exists within their community.

Furthermore, posts with geotagged locations result in almost an 80% increase in engagement over standard posts. If this isn’t reason enough to start location-based marketing when someone clicks on the geotag, they can then view all prior posts from the brand. Referring back to our restaurant example, this means that the viewer not only views content about tasty dishes, but they can also additionally see posts from other users that ate at the establishment.

Utilizing Location-Based Marketing for Your Business

Now that we’ve shared a better idea on how social media geotags work, here’s how can you use location-based marketing for optimal engagement with your audience.

People search for businesses, locations, and trends all the time on social media. This is mainly due to the migration towards video and other visual content on platforms like Instagram. While it remains up to users to follow their favorite content in their feed, brands can use creative, original content to ensure they deliver their message properly. Geotagging cultivates a sense of trust and community by reaching out to users in specific areas.

To engage users with specific social media content, brands must begin geotagging their content. This will show viewers that the brand remains active in the community while simultaneously exposing the brand to an entirely new audience.

Location-Based Marketing with GOA-TECH

As you start successfully tagging your business on Instagram and other social media platforms, this will ideally result in more people finding out about your company. Location-based tagging remains critical to engagement on every social media platform.

GOA-TECH is a comprehensive web design, IT, advertising, and digital marketing firm for the modern age. We can help you optimize location-based marketing and ensure you reach the viewers you need for success. For more information on how we can help you take your marketing strategies to the next level, contact our team today!

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