How to Select a Social Media Platform Based on Your Business’s Needs

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Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for your Business

Modern social media offers several different options. Unfortunately, this can confuse when trying to select the ideal options for your business’ needs. You may understand that it is essential for your business to possess an online presence, but where should you start?

To design and implement the best possible strategy to build a following while allowing you to correspond with clients, you must possess an understanding of the best social media platform for your business.

Every social media outlet serves a unique purpose, however, with unique differentiation. Learning the ins and outs of what Instagram or Facebook can provide versus Snapchat or Twitter may help you feel confident on your path towards social media marketing success.

Every day, new platforms seemingly emerge, and the existing provisions offer new and exciting updates. GOA-TECH wants to help by providing some information on what you can do to narrow down your options and ensure that your social media medium of choice provides the right social media marketing tools for your needs!

Evaluating the Purpose and Attributes of Social Media Marketing Tools

With no shortage of social media marketing platforms, it is essential that you spend some time exploring the different options. You may discover that the primary options (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram) represent the most likely places that offer the highest concentration of individuals in your targeted demographics.


Facebook offers social media marketing tools that can help you develop brand loyalty, as well as reputation. Utilizing this option establishes your business as an authority by enabling interesting content and information creation.

Facebook helps reach a variety of different sub-sectors of your targeted audience within a single post. It also provides an opportunity for ad creation. This will help you drive traffic to your website or blog while encouraging a dialogue with your potential customer base.


Twitter is the chosen method for many outlets to share breaking news, as well as quick updates. Many companies select this medium to promote a new product or content. The best part is that Twitter offers social media marketing tools that collect instant feedback and data from your audience.

Twitter remains ideal for individuals that want quick information and company news. The hashtag communication functionality, as well as limited character length, focus on dialogue creation and publicity purposes.


Pinterest essentially acts as an online scrapbooking service. Companies utilize this option to showcase products and ideas while displaying brand presence through inspiration boards. Pinterest can help your company generate leads while driving traffic to additional content on your website.

The nature of the medium provokes an immediate call-to-action response and visually highlights your products or services through image posting.


LinkedIn’s social media marketing tools make it incredibly easy for companies to target industries, career possessions, as well as other keywords. Readers can additionally join LinkedIn groups to communicate with businesses.

The medium will enable you to reach out to peers and potential clients based on mutual business contacts. LinkedIn promotes professionalism while building trust as you post company information.


Before the digital marketing revolution in our modern era, Instagram was purely a place for individuals to share images socially. However, companies now utilize Instagram to take a playful approach when connecting with their customers.

The medium can enable you to share your message through images as opposed to the written word. It also utilizes hashtags to help audiences get involved with your brand.

Select the Right Social Media Marketing Tools | GOA-TECH

Our company helps clients optimize their social media marketing strategies. We can help you ensure that you reach the greatest amount of readers within your targeted audience. For more information on how our social media marketing tools can help your company, contact GOA-TECH today!

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