5 Outdated Social Media Practices You Need to Trash

social media practices

Kickin’ It Old School with Social Media Needs to Die

Few things in a marketer’s life prove more joyful than testing a new method and having it work like a charm. This can make you truly feel like a magician or an SEO God overlooking your kingdom of success. After a moment of celebration, you can officially add this new technique to your advertising repertoire.

Unfortunately, for many advertising specialists, they soon discover that in a fast-evolving, digital advertising marketplace, these social media practices can grow stale fast. Your once amazing, new advertising method might now be pretty old-fashioned, and even obsolete.

Keeping this potential inevitability in mind, as well as the year 2019 that’s already arrived, your friends from GOA-TECH want to outline some social media practices that previously worked. However, they remain relatively outdated by today’s standards.

Self-Promotional Link Posting

Despite evidence to the contrary, many media managers still think that posting to their content and this content alone is a successful endeavor. Unfortunately, these individuals remain dead WRONG. Far too many marketers link to their content in most, even all of their content posts.

While you should not be shy about sharing links to your content, you should focus on quality over quantity. Balance your content with posts regarding general interest or helpful tips for your audience. This could include information from other non-competitive resources.

Immediately Jumping from “Follow Me” to “Pay Me”

Imagine browsing your favorite social media platform and coming across a business or individual who looks interesting. You go ahead and click the follow button only to receive an automated response immediately. Although this isn’t uncommon, the individual or company in question immediately uses this response to make a sales pitch.

It is easy to feel a bit swindled by these social media practices, and your potential audience will feel no different. Compare this situation to getting invited to a new friend’s house for dinner. You arrive, and they immediately begin handing out their business cards to everyone at the table. This is not good social, or general business practices.

Mass Following Could Mean Mass Exodus

Inexperienced marketers may use mass-following social media practices in the hopes they can gain a large number of accounts. This originates from an old idea that most accounts will follow almost anyone who follows them. Unfortunately, this rhetoric is no longer true, and this method no longer (if it ever did) works.

Social media has evolved to a point where users remain more aware of following “low-value” or fake accounts. An equal follower-to-following ratio typically induces a red flag in any savvy user. This additionally makes your feed essentially useless as mass-following usually results in individuals and companies with little regard for quality content value.

Adhering to a Strict “Best Time to Post” Schedule

This doesn’t mean that posting regularly or on a schedule is bad. Alternatively, regular posts represent one of the best ways to maintain a social media account. Unfortunately, many think that this means looking up advice on the “best times to post” and sticking to this with dutiful militant commitment.

The problem here is simple. Many studies and research conducted in this area remain based on averages. Researchers will look at a massive number of users, concluding that the hours where these users remain active represents the ideal time for every user. No following in social media is “average.” Post, make the analysis using data based on your account and adjust accordingly.

Optimized Content? Doesn’t Matter

The best content creators comprehensively understand precisely how to streamline and disperse their content for SEO. Unfortunately, many overlook optimizing content for social media posting, sharing, etc.

The amount of social media sharing has declined significantly over the years. However, this does not mean that fewer individuals are reading or utilizing social media content. This means that any posted content must remain far more competitive as the amount of available content has risen.

The Best Social Media Practices with GOA-TECH

In these aforementioned outdated social media practices, you may notice a common theme. There was a time in the digital marketing/advertising landscape, where link-builders, as well as white- and black-hat SEO specialists ruled the land.

However, like the internet, social media platforms, and search engines continued to evolve, so too has the marketing industry. Throw these old, haggard social media practices in the trash and focus on moving your company into the future.

GOA-TECH can help you take your social media marketing and advertising to the next level with our comprehensive digital marketing, advertising, IT support, and web design services. We can help you with optimal social media practices, reach out to our team today!

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