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It’s 2019, which means you can stop procrastinating about starting the new direction you promised your company. Your current marketing plan is working, but there’s always room for improvement, and a new brand and plan can genuinely take your company to the next level. At GOA-TECH, we specialize in marketing and branding, but for you, we’re going to share five easy steps on how to build a marketing plan for 2019.

Step 1: Evaluate your company’s current marketing plan.

Again, your current marketing plan isn’t terrible, it just needs to be revamped. By evaluating your company’s current marketing plan, you can assess what works and what can be improved. Map out your current demographic, sales compared to last month, the previous three months, and last year if possible and what you’re doing differently compared to the previous year that may be affecting your growth or decline.

You should also include a summary of your business’ products or services. Understanding your industry, from retail to foodservice to professional services, is most important. Not only do you need to understand what your competitors are offering but also be able to describe what you’re marketing to your customers.

Step 2: Describe your target audience.

Your current demographic of customers may differ from your target audience. This means although you were making money, you weren’t doing transactions with the types of people you imagined for your business. Start with answering the following questions. Are your customers traditional or modern? Leaders or followers? Also describe the terms of demographics you’d like to see in the new year including sex, age, earnings, geographic location, lifestyle, and family composition.

Step 3: List your marketing goals.

What do you want to accomplish this year? More sales? More Instagram followers and engagement? All of your goals can be achieved this year with proper planning. Write own a list of short term goals, quarterly goals, and yearly goals. All of your goals should be measurable, so you will know when you have achieved them.

Step 4: Develop a marketing strategy.

This is an important step in your new marketing and branding plan. You’ve already outlined what your business does, what changes you want to see, and what types of people you want to see enjoy your service, so now it’s time to dive into the tactics you’ll use to achieve your goals.

A good marketing plan includes advertising, public relations, and direct marketing. These tactics will help you reach new customers. Customer appreciation events, loyalty programs, and email marketing help you keep in touch with your current customers and entice them to continue business. With these tactics combined, you can boost sales easily.

Step 5: Create a budget

Your marketing plan has to be fueled with a budget that allows your business to reach its goals but does not break the bank. Your budget should be spread out by month and calculated to restrict over or underspending. Include not only marketing materials and public relations help, but also budgets for social media advertising as well. Your marketing budget will set the tone for your sales this year.

In all, this year you promised yourself that you would make changes to your business” marketing plan and we’re holding you to it. The team of professionals at GOA-TECH can help you fine-tune your marketing plan revealing a better you and business this 2019 with our Brand Consulting in Miami. Contact us now for a free branding consultation and start 2019 off right.

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