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Creative Branding Exercises

Define your brand with these Creative Branding Exercises

While having a website that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly is key to driving traffic your way, it is equally as vital to making sure your brand is clear to the public. To a brand, the logo, the look and feel of the website, and a warming social media all equate to successful branding. Your logo should not only be a staple but truly establish the feel of your brand. But looks aren’t everything. Working with us at GOA-TECH guarantees that your website not only looks great but that it also works better.

We understand that originality is what will take your content to the next level. Creative Branding Exercises can serve as the most efficient way to identify and build upon your company’s brand. They can reveal the right values, target audience and they are just a fun way to brainstorm in general! Check out these Creative Branding Exercises and call GOA-TECH to execute the ideas you came up with!

Creative Branding Exercises

The First Date: Imagine your company going on a first date with a potential client. How would your company present itself? What sort of style would you believe impress the most? Would it look old-school and classic, or new-age and modern? How would it go about wooing the client? These are all critical questions to ask yourself about your company and your brand. These Creative Branding Exercises allow you to dig deep and find out what it is your company has to offer that should make clients fall in love from the very first day.

Big Brother Branding

If you grew up with siblings, or even a close enough childhood friend, you know that the younger ones tend to copy the older ones. There’s the copy-cat game or times when your parents dress you in the same clothes. This Creative Branding Exercise works in two ways. First, imagine that your favorite brand is your brand’s big brother. In what ways would you want your company to be similar? What are the most noticeable features of the big brother brand? Would your brand be as simple and easy to identify and imitate? This exercise also works to highlight ways in which your brand potentially lacks originality. If this exercise is too easy in that you can already spot many similarities between you and your big brother brand, it may be time to assess what unique qualities your brand can bring to the table.


If your company’s Instagram account suddenly got famous, what would it be for? What would it be about your company that would draw in the followers and likes, and how would that be portrayed through a screen? What sort of accounts would follow your company? Not only is this one of the Creative Branding Exercises that can help you brainstorm to up your social media game, but it also works to show you the fresh, relatable side of your brand.

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