Micro vs. Macro Influencers: Which Can REALLY Help Your Business?

influencer based marketing

Who is the Right Influencer for Your Campaign?

Influencer based marketing has clearly established itself as a ubiquitous marketing method for any savvy marketer. However, similar to the internet as a whole, the choices for how to implement these techniques seem endless. While most resources would tell you that bigger is better, how true is this really?

Starting up an influencer based marketing campaign seems easy, but you possess many things to look for as you decide on the best fit for your brand. GOA-TECH wants to look at the pros and cons of micro-influencers versus macro-influencers.

Macro-Influencer Based Marketing

Throughout the history of advertising, athletes and celebrities represented the end-all of high-visibility marketing. Pepsi, Nike, and numerous other big-name brands were famous for including celebrities in commercials for their products.

However, with the rise of social media as well as analytic data, every aspect of an advertising campaign is now measurable. Celebrities no longer represent the only entities with massive fan bases. Social media influencers command follower counts in the hundreds of thousands, all the way up to the millions. This factors into a substantial asset for influencer-based marketing opportunities for your brand.

Many brands approach macro-influencers paying out big bucks to tap into their already engaged follower base. Fortunately, they can see some incredible results in terms of both engagement, as well as visibility as a result. Nonetheless, bigger does not always equate to better, and we recommend considering a newer form of influencer-based marketing: micro-influencers.

Micro-Influencer Based Marketing

Micro-influencers provide something different from traditional clout-based marketing. They typically will wield a following from thousands up to about one hundred thousand. These individuals and entities represent a more approachable side of influencer-based marketing.

Micro-influencers primarily work utilizing word of mouth as opposes to the large idolized authority of macro influencing. Regardless if they promote a new pair of pants or a dish they enjoy, these social media influencers impart a human face with a story to tell.

As a result of this approach, they can instill a more personal approach towards brand development. Nonetheless, this means it remains more important to cultivate a relationship with a micro-influencer you want to work with.

This will help you get on the same page as your influencer. Including how you want them to promote your brand or services. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you can utilize their services due to their individuality. This isn’t necessarily because of their follower base.

Influencer Based Marketing | GOA-TECH

If you want to maximize your engagement and viewer conversion, don’t shy away from micro-influencers. Although the marketing clout of the substantial following a macro influencer can provide is certainly impressive, micro-influencers boast some impressive advantages of their big-name alternatives.

Micro influencing is also cheaper than the bigger-named counterpart. You can even pair up with a multitude of micro-influencers for the entire cost of a single collaboration with a macro influencer.

Influencer based marketing can offer your brand a substantial amount of value. Each option wields its pros and cons, and for this reason, it remains important to find an influencer who’s brand and audience both line up with your goals.

To learn more about influencer-based marketing, as well as how our team at GOA-TECH can help you, contact our dedicated team today. As a comprehensive IT, web design, advertising, and digital marketing firm, we can help you take your advertising strategies to the next level!

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