Get Social! What Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Social media is a powerful tool in modern marketing for businesses striving to remain relevant and visible in today’s busy world. You’ll want to use this tool for marketing your business; however, you may lack the necessary time to stay active with your social media management on multiple platforms.

Narrowing down your options to the ones that work best in your industry can help you streamline digital marketing efforts while generating more leads and ROI.

Identifying Your Audience

The first step towards choosing the right social media platform for your business is identifying your target audience. Your company must ensure that you pinpoint its audience, as this will not only help you make the right selection on a platform but additionally help save money on affordable social media marketing methods.

Ask yourself about your typical customers. Who are they? Are they female, male, or both? What is their age bracket, education, or income?

Your target audience and social media marketing strategies work hand in hand. By targeting specific demographics, you can additionally share content with the right user groups, furthering your social media goals. This might include expanding outreach, customer feedback management, or even increasing site rankings with the major search engines.

Facebook – The Original Business Social Media Marketing Platform

Facebook still has over 1 billion active users every day, making it one of the best avenues for any business to find a target audience, build an email marketing list, and reel in new customers.

Nevertheless, Facebook is also a fantastic place to interact with clients once you achieve their attention. Many companies choose to create private groups on this social media platform where consumers can join, interact, ask questions, and provide feedback about the brand.

Facebook remains a tool that can benefit just about any business in 2020. Paid Facebook advertising may seem expensive, but they are also entirely optional with the social network. With a budget, time, and patience, the best bet is to maintain an active social media account while keeping in touch with users.

YouTube – Credibility and Engagement

YouTube is still one of the best audio-visual platforms of all time when it comes to search results. The majority of consumer brands remain active on the Google-owned platform. If your business wants to appear consumer-facing, then activity with video marketing on YouTube is essential.

YouTube provides several benefits that include high engagement rates for brands. Your company can also buy YouTube ad space to increase the eyes on your initiatives.

Instagram – Image is Everything

Businesses in the fashion, lifestyle, food & beverage, or travel industries may consider Instagram for their social media needs. Instagram is a Facebook-owned platform that offers limitless opportunities for brands to share stories with a targeted audience.

Creating an Instagram business profile is easy, and business owners can access the Insights button for analysis on the reach of posts and other social media marketing content.

Another useful Instagram feature includes the Contact button. By clicking the button, users access various tools like emails, calling, and text messaging between brands and their potential customers.

Miami Social Media Marketing | GOA-TECH

There isn’t a one size fits all response to determining the best social media network for business in 2020 and beyond. The best platform is determined based on your target audience, products, and services, in addition to how much time you can dedicate to a social media marketing strategy.

Most businesses should maintain an active Facebook presence, and you should spend some time on Instagram as well.

For more assistance getting the most out of your affordable social media marketing initiatives, reach out to our digital marketing and social media agency in Miami GOA-TECH today to learn more about how experts from our team and social media management services can help you improve your social media presence!

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