Four Important IT Security Tips for Working at Home Safely

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Preventing Tech Headaches Associated with Working from Home

When many workers initially started working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic they thought of the situation as a temporary, dream come true.  Unfortunately, IT support and tech issues can quickly make a dream situation seem like a nightmare.

Your Wi-Fi might slow to a crawl or you could get confused about new, mobile-oriented software. Without an onboard IT company by your side, you (or your employees) could end up combatting these tech problems on your own.

This is why our IT consulting team from GOA-TECH is here to help with some of our favorite security tips that can help your company workers work at home safely and securely by applying managed IT services.

  • Providing Employees with the Right Security Knowledge

Companies relying on mobile work must ensure they offer workers basic security information and advice. Although most remain aware of phishing emails and the pitfalls of public Wi-Fi, a company can’t just assume that every mobile worker has the prerequisite knowledge to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Work with employees to secure Wi-Fi routers properly and protect data. Similarly, managed IT services should additionally focus on device security that mobile staff uses to get tasks done. 

The chance remains high that attackers utilize this time to subvert security measures by attacking mobile workers and attempting to access sensitive data.

Workers should avoid clicking links in emails from sources they don’t know. Installing third-party apps should also remain confined to legitimate app stores, even when working on personal devices.

This is up to IT support to offer workers basic security advice and information. Companies should place emergency response specialists and protocols in place to help workers understand what to do and who to contact should a security anomaly take place.

  • Security Protections and Password Audits

All mobile workers must have up-to-date security protections installed and active on all devices they’ll use for work. This means the latest and greatest in virus protection, firewalls, and device encryption in place to guarantee company information protection.

Companies must additionally audit employee clearances and passcodes. While this doesn’t mean workers handing over their personal details, it does mean that passwords they utilize to access enterprise services get reset and redefined with the latest IT support protocols and security policies.

Two-factor-authentication should become mandatory, asking employees to implement the toughest possible protections across all of their devices. Store business-critical passwords and information securely to prevent loss if something happens to crucial personnel.

  • Secure, Approved Cloud IT Services

A great way to protect employee endpoints is by storing confidential and important information in a non-local, cloud-based location.

Companies should rely on cloud content storage whenever possible. Encouraging workers to use cloud-based apps such as Office 365 can ensure that utilized services and data remain verified by IT support and company security.

  • Community, Care, and Contingencies

The main reason so many people now work from home is a result of the ongoing health pandemic. The grim truth of the situation is that employees may feel isolated or get sick during this crisis.

For the proper security and function of the business, in addition to the wellbeing of all company workers, community chat including video correspondence on platforms like Hangouts or Zoom are increasingly important to preserve community and mental health.

Encourage users to communicate with one another, nurture online interaction, and outline how anyone can seek help as the health crisis continues.

By triaging teams, companies can also foster the overall health and wellness of the business’s managed IT services and secure data. Workers can share management responsibilities with contingency plans in place in case key personnel run into IT support problems. 

Tech support, password, security management, and failsafe roles can all get assigned, replicated, and then replicated again amongst the mobile workforce. This not only helps minimize the potential for data loss or security breaches but also expedites disaster recovery should the unforeseen occur.

IT Company in Miami | Keeping Companies Safe and Secure with GOA-TECH

As workplaces adjust and adapt to mobile work while preventing the continued spread of COVID-19, employees may find themselves in ongoing unconventional situations while working from home.

Working from home provides distinct advantages to workers and the company, however, it remains crucial to address concerns for employees, as well as on an IT support level. Although where we work is important, this is nothing compared to individual safety and security, as well as the security and safety of important company information.

The solution is to rely on managed IT services and implementations that adjust how we work for the best possible results. To learn more, reach out to our South Florida consulting firm at GOA-TECH on how our IT services in Miami can help manage and secure your business today!

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