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How Brands are Using Instagram Reels in Their Social Media Marketing

Recently, Instagram launched the Reels feature globally in over 50 countries, including the United States. Instagram Reels is an important update for the platform, intended as a direct competitor against TikTok.

TikTok’s journey to becoming the most popular social media platform and one that continues to grow in popularity has been a wild one. After all, TikTok began as the most downloaded app worldwide, got banned in India, and almost received a ban here in the US. 

Some brands are still trying to figure out exactly how to use TikTok for their business branding. If your brand is already established on Instagram, you may be able to capitalize on the new video marketing initiative before the competition catches on. 

Similarly, with the future of TikTok remaining in relative doubt as a viable social media marketing platform in the United States, Instagram Reels could serve as the medium to replace TikTok as the new king of video content marketing.

Our Miami social media marketing team from GOA-TECH wants to show you how some brands can utilize Instagram Reels for their video marketing, working to engage an already built-in audience with the new features.

How Does Instagram Reels Work?

Instagram Reels enables users to create fifteen-second videos with short audio clips. The “Reels” moniker comes from users’ ability to scroll endlessly through various video content based on their likes, followers, and interactions.

This isn’t all that revolutionary. Instagram’s new features remain akin to what users already do on TikTok, and short-form video is already present with the “Stories” addition. Nevertheless, as the US threatens to ban TikTok nationwide, users are already looking for alternatives to the platform in preparation.

Differences Between Stories and Reels

Instagram Stories and Reels are integrated into the very same interface. You can even swipe right from the main interface to open the viewfinder menu with Stories and Reels as posting options.

Stories and Reels may seem quite similar; however, they serve different purposes in video marketing and for users.  

  • Reels Don’t Disappear

Creating Instagram Stories for business can take quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, they also disappear after 24 hours unless you save them in an Instagram Highlight every time.

Social media marketing with Reels enables companies and users alike to prevent created content from vanishing. Reels videos stay on the Instagram feed and within the Reels tab.

  • Explore Page Real Estate

Instagram is heavily pushing the new Reels feature. Stories were once featured on the explore page, now supplanted by Instagram Reels. When you open your explore page, the latest Reels appear in a longer, vertical strip for all to see. This means the greatest opportunity to achieve the greatest number of eyes on video marketing content.

Reels also take up the most amount of space on top of the Hashtag Page as well. The videos will automatically play the perfect chance to capture user attention. Content can also stay on the Hashtag Page for a few days to attain greater reach even days after the initial post.

Expanding Your Social Media Marketing Reach with Instagram Reels

Nearly everyone who views your company Instagram Stories will already follow you. Contrarily, Instagram Reels displays content to followers and users not year following your brand. For this reason, Reels offers an increased chance to expand video marketing reach and attract new followers.

Additionally, users can “save” Reel videos. If your brand can create content that users find particularly entertaining, educational, or inspirational, this may compel users to save it for later. When more users save a Reel video, Instagram will then show it to more people as well.

Finally, Reels makes it very easy to re-share your branded content. Shares initiate an additional trigger for the Instagram algorithm. This means the more shares your brand can achieve; the Instagram algorithm will see this as users loving your content and push the post to even more users.

Video Marketing Miami | GOA-TECH

Creativity is what social media users love from a content perspective. Short video marketing clips with Instagram Reels offers yet another medium for creators to build working content strategies and test their effectiveness.

Users on social media enjoy creative, short-form video content. Reels offers users endless scrolling navigation, making it as easy as possible for users to view and share the content they love. 

GOA-TECH stays up to date on all the latest technologies and platforms that enable companies to get the most from video and social media marketing. We work with large and small businesses throughout Miami, and the entire South Florida community to help them increase their outreach with digital marketing, public relations, social media, and SEO

To learn more about social media or video marketing in Miami, contact our team today at (786) 462-8324.

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