Top Five Marketing Tips & Solutions for LinkedIn

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Traditionally, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are the giants when it comes to social media marketing. They’re the platforms people usually think of first for targeted advertising. But did you know that LinkedIn can also be an incredibly useful marketing tool for your business? Here are our Miami social media management team’s top five LinkedIn marketing solutions.

Why LinkedIn?

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a great place for building brand awareness through your custom profile, boosted content, and advertising. However, the pool of consumers on the platform comprises professionals, young and old, looking for job opportunities, looking to network individually or in groups, and looking to partake in discussions about their respective industries. 

Engaging content in LinkedIn’s online public space often sparks discussion about a whole range of topics, both specific to certain industries and general for the workforce as a whole. Many businesses use this space as a way to build their brand image and corporate identity. Creating a positive image on LinkedIn can be fruitful the next time your business is recruiting and looking for new hires, or looking for other business partners.

Relationships > Connections

LinkedIn is a social network through and through. However, it’s mixed in with professionalism so it feels like a more casual way of networking for your career and business ventures. Take advantage of the “connections” feature and build relationships that are genuine and will last. Making a thousand connections on LinkedIn may give you a few leads here and there, but you will most likely have to be the one to message people first and put your businesses’ best foot forward. A simple online connection can turn into a fruitful relationship if you are strategic yet authentic. 

Strength in Numbers

Did you know LinkedIn offers groups too? Like other social platforms, there are groups on LinkedIn for every interest and type of person. There are even groups for people who work in a particular industry and want to be in the know with fellow workers of their career path. There are groups for alumni, organizations, etc. So don’t be afraid to join a few! A marketing expert can help you decide which groups are the best fit for your business and will provide you with the most leads. A strategist can also help you navigate the best ways and best times to be active in those groups. Like connections, groups on LinkedIn don’t automatically get you anywhere. If you’re not active and pursuant, groups won’t be of much help.

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It might not be the most obvious tip, but it can be extremely useful! Joining groups can connect your business to your audience more effectively.

Quality Content

Posting high-quality content is important for all types of social media engagement, but LinkedIn requires more specialized content. Engaging content on LinkedIn is often highly targeted towards specific audiences, and it teaches others how to accomplish their career goals or solve problems in their jobs. In addition, great content includes thought-provoking discourse, such as what work should be like and how companies should treat their employees. A skilled social media management team can create the right content for your business.

Have A Robust Profile

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many LinkedIn users struggle to fill out their profiles with pertinent information. Your profile should make you stand out, whether it’s your personal profile that allows you to highlight your workplace or it’s a more broad company profile. Your profile should also be well-written, with the summary section and work experiences section filled out completely. 

This is your chance to speak to your target audience and be persuasive. However, your writing should be concise and get to the point. Your business profile makes a huge impression on prospective employees and partners, so introduce yourself well and make sure it’s easy for anyone to be able to contact you.

Always Keep Your Profile Up to Date

Lastly, make sure your profile is always up to date. Keeping track of leads and making the most of your profile takes consistent work; expect to change your profile regularly with the latest information, format updates, or writing improvements. Your page should be updated regularly so your brand appears active and in business. 

Many businesses and professionals make the mistake of creating LinkedIn accounts with only their name and a few words here and there—forgetting to update it for months afterward. Take the time to craft your profile and continue crafting it regularly. Or, get someone who can do it for you, like a LinkedIn marketing agency.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions | Miami Social Media Management

If you’re serious about growing your LinkedIn and enacting an effective marketing strategy, it’s going to take more than just a few minutes. Social media management requires hard work, expert skills, and data analysis. Let our team do the hard stuff for you. Reach out to us today for all your LinkedIn marketing solutions!

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