Scary Mistakes Made on Digital Campaigns

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Are You Making Mistakes with Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

How effective is your digital marketing strategy? As the technological era rapidly evolves, your company’s digital medium efforts are vital in reaching and engaging today’s consumers.

People interact with brands on their favorite social media platforms or find them in searches more and more. This means your digital and social media marketing efforts are crucial to help customers and potential customers find your products and services. The right digital strategy can help people stay connected with your business.

Nevertheless, digital marketing agencies make several mistakes that hinder them from succeeding in their advertising. While it may seem like everyone is on the up-and-up with digital marketing. Unfortunately, they don’t achieve the desired results in generating traffic, converting leads, or helping companies make sales. Here’s why:

Spending too Much Time Worrying About Quantity Over Quality

Any digital marketing agency can tell you that your company has a traffic problem. Anyone can buy views for a page. When your company can’t make sales, the solution isn’t improving views. Instead, it would be best to focus on improving messaging to make the most significant difference in improving marketing results.

Things can go wrong with modern advertising very fast. It is important to expend energy in the right areas. You can hire a digital marketing company to optimize your landing pages for more traffic or enlist a social media marketing specialist to help you spread the word about your offerings. However, you may discover that your company must change what it offers to meet the market’s desires.

Avoiding Opening Up Your Wallet

A long time ago, before Google, Bing, and social media, companies could simply SEO their pages and feedback on social media to get traffic. Although these remain important in digital marketing, the days of easy traffic are over.

Web traffic is a commodity, and when your company wants to market effectively, sometimes you must pay for traffic from the traffic store. This means reaching out to resources like Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and numerous others for success. 

Additionally, this might mean handing the reigns over to a digital marketing agency or social media marketing specialist to help you handle the load balance between your marketing efforts and running the business.

Failing to Align Marketing and Sales

If your company has a sales and marketing department, you understand that these two teams may not always fully agree on everything. This is mainly due to their differences in their approach to accomplishing the same goal. 

The digital marketing viewpoint is all about “awareness” while sales simply work towards facilitating the company’s provision of products and services. 

The key to unifying sales and marketing is understanding that although these entities serve different positions on the same team, the goal ultimately isn’t sales or awareness. Instead, the entire company most focus on happy, successful interactions with customers whenever possible.

To do this, both teams must stimulate awareness and generate leads while the company’s sales team closes the leads with excellent sales and service. When the customer’s experience isn’t stellar, the team as a whole fails.

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This is a basic guide to help you overcome some potential mistakes that many businesses make in digital marketing. However, you must additionally ensure that you test your efforts to see what works and what doesn’t.

With some short time, and the right adaptations to your marketing initiatives, you can experience increased engagement with followers, traffic, converted leads, and ROI.

When you want to achieve digital marketing dominance, you need the right professional team by your side. GOA-TECH is a full-service digital marketing agency in Miami and a social media marketing specialist that can help you carry your team to the top of Google results and dominate your industry. To learn more about how we can help beyond following the tips we laid out in this article, reach out to us today!

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