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Medical Marketing Ideas that Healthcare Facilities Need to Implement NOW!

Medical marketing for doctors and healthcare facilities is a specialty. In scenarios where marketers have found success; unfortunately, strategies and platforms change and evolve so fast that it’s easy for once effective advertising strategies become ineffective.

In digital marketing, shaking things up and trying something new is an excellent idea in any industry. The best marketing specialists understand how valuable innovation remains to reach and engage with patient bases.

GOA-TECH agrees! This is why we compiled some of our favorite, most effective healthcare marketing ideas you can implement today!

Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials and reviews are an excellent way to promote visibility and credibility on a medical website. So, this feedback can serve as a critical tool to help your healthcare practice attract new patients while searching for a provider online.

To put it plainly, testimonials help build credibility and online reputation, as well as a patient base, boosting you to one of the top resources in your community. Furthermore, this benefit can help you to increase your visibility online over your competitors as well.

You’ll want to make the testimonial process as easy and painless as possible. When the procedure is overcomplicated, those intending to leave positive feedback can get distracted or feel less inclined to review your facility at all.

Blog Articles

For some time, physicians and other healthcare providers have conducted medical marketing without even knowing it by using informative blogs with the latest in health news and tips. If they didn’t realize a valuable tool before the COVID-19 pandemic began, they certainly understand what a boon this can offer healthcare marketers and providers now.

You can administer a quality patient experience and improved quality of care via the internet by relying on blogs and other information dispersals right on your very own website. Websites for doctors and other specialists are an absolute must in today’s healthcare industry for various reasons; however, creating a blog page may prove to be the most valuable one of all.

With highly targeted, SEO-viable content marketing, blog posts offer something to discuss and learn with education information on relevant topics. From a digital marketing standpoint, your practice can implement keyword opportunities into this blog content that will likely offer considerable traffic increases to your website.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Enabling patients to schedule appointments online not only helps save them time but may represent an income-generating asset for your practice as well. Online appointments offer your patients convenience while promoting the patient-specialist relationship.

Think about things this way, when a patient misses an appointment, this means lost revenue for the practice. Eliminating no-shows through online scheduling and timed reminders through text and email can also help to alleviate overbooking, patient wait times, etc.

Research suggests that one of the most common reasons patients don’t show up for appointments is that they forgot about the meeting in the first place. Scheduling software enables your facility to disperse automated reminders to help with this.

Online appointments and the convenience that this offers will help patients conveniently schedule their time with a healthcare provider, hopefully sharing more information about the easy process and procedure with people they know. In turn, this positive experience can mean more potential patients wanting to seek out the same or a similar provider for their healthcare as well.

The Right Information on Your Website

Relying on a website and medical marketing for doctors remains heavily about the website design and how it relates to your medical marketing strategies. Online appointments are important, but this is also a great opportunity to ensure these patients get to know your staff and facility through About and Bio pages. These pages should all but guarantee a patient’s commitment by demonstrating what your team is all about.

Furthermore, your practice can display the types of insurance providers that you work with, your hours of operation, in addition to your cancellation policies. Some providers even direct patients to utilize the online portal for communication to alleviate stress on the patients and the staff as well.

By relying on your practice website for scheduling, you can also post intake forms that the patients can fill out before they get to your location. Sharing information on what the patients can bring with them is also a good idea to help alleviate wait times, ensuring that they get the most valuable time with a provider (your team) as possible.

Healthcare Marketing Agency | GOA-TECH

Healthcare marketing provides a plethora of different avenues and creative ideas to grow a practice. Nonetheless, you must ensure you implement the right ideas and choose the best fit for your needs.

Our team from GOA-TECH is the ideal healthcare advertising agency to help providers and medical specialists get the most out of their websites, social media, and digital marketing. To learn more, contact our experts today by calling (786) 462-8324.


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