How Local Service Ads Can Help Your Business

Local Service Ads

Implement Local Service Ads to the Benefit of Your “Local” Business

Regardless of their industry, business owners share common goals: starting or growing a company into a well-established, profitable brand. However, this path to success requires planning and developing creative and targeted approaches and strategies that will get your business in front of the right markets.

Today’s growing businesses are reaching their goals through digital marketing strategies, including investing in local advertising

Google’s local service ads serve as an ideal way for your company to garner high-quality leads in a local area, with a specific interest in the products or services that your company offers.

What Are Google’s Local Service Ads?

Google local service ads (LSAs) are pay per lead as opposed to paying per click. LSAs enable your company to bid on advertising space on a per lead basis instead of paying for clicks that may or may not turn into engagements.

These ads display Google’s rating for a business, and some include a “Google Guaranteed” badge. This certification can offer consumers a refund of up to $2000 if they are not pleased with the advertised company’s services.

Part of what makes LSAs so effective is their appearance above Google Ads, and even Google My Business listings.

To participate with this local ad program from Google, businesses must first go through a screening process involving background checks, license checks, and insurance checks. The specific analysis depends on the business type, as well as its location.

The number of ads in a specific market or category may vary significantly. Conduct a Google search for local advertising in Miami for your industry. You may see only a few select service ads, or dozens may appear for the inquiry. This number depends on how many businesses rely on service ads for local advertising in Miami in that specific market.

Are Local Service Ads Worth the Trouble?

Google LSAs require no cost or obligation to participate in the program. So, yes, using local service ads is entirely worth it for businesses.

The onboarding process can prove somewhat tricky at first, but once enrolled, companies can objectively determine if implementing local advertising through LSAs remains a good fit for their business.

Google also allows you to pause ads without incurring any costs. The listing migrates to the free listings in a section that resides just below the paid listings. However, Google may eventually remove these listings after long periods of inactivity.

LSAs additionally offer numerous fringe benefits:

  • Easy Management
  • Disputed Charged Leads
  • Low Lead Costs
  • No Fee Participation (You’ll Only Pay for the Leads)
  • Recorded Phone Calls

Finally, Google Local Service Ads aim to keep things simple for businesses. The dashboard offers streamlined controls and elements console that helps to keep things more straightforward to decipher. These elements include ‘job type’ categories, selecting a service area, photos for the listing, weekly budget and bid types, business hours, ad schedule, and more!

Local Advertising with Google Service Ads | Local Advertising in Miami | GOA-TECH

One of the most challenging aspects of pay-per-click campaigns is the immense amount of associated keyword research and campaign planning stemming from this information. Local service ads from Google automatically trigger on searches that remain relevant to your company’s services or products.

This tool provides a source of leads that can offer your local business the advantage it needs to stand out from the competition. So long as your industry and location fit the criteria, you can start showing up on Google’s local search results as early as tomorrow.

If you have any additional questions, you can consult with our digital marketing agency in Miami from GOA-TECH. Our team looks for ways to help our South Florida clients increase their marketing base. Local advertising in Miami through Google Ads is an excellent way to augment this growth. Reach out to us today!

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