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Every day is a new opportunity to make an impression on a client or potential client. One of the most important parts of marketing your company is building your brand and your company’s image.

An effective takes hard work and dedication. The strategy process is more difficult than it seems. Creating a solid brand strategy is more than coming up with a catchy slogan, a cool logo, and a professional name. A successful strategy tells your story and builds your company’s identity.

Brand Strategy: You Can’t Move Forward Without A Plan

To build your brand, you need to start with a plan. What if you tried to build a house without any blueprints? That’s what it’s like trying to build without a brand strategy.

Effective strategizing isn’t as easy as putting together a simple, broad plan, it’s about creating a detailed set of goals for your business and how you want to present your business to your audience. This requires a thorough understanding of what exact purpose your business has, who your audience (AKA clients or customers) is, and what your audience wants. Ask yourself, “What does success mean for my brand numerically? What are the steps I need to take to achieve that success?”

Advertising your business is also about figuring out a personality that you want your business to display through marketing. If your business had a voice, what would it say to the public? What kind of values would it stand for? How do you want your business to appear in advertisements or on your website?

Also important to note, developing a brand strategy isn’t just a one-time deal, it’s a plan you come up with regularly. Don’t be afraid to tweak it and make some touch-ups. Always look at how you can improve your goals or branding tactics to achieve those goals.

Once you complete goals, make new ones! When business is booming and there’s been plenty of growth for your brand, don’t settle with the same goals and don’t put marketing on the back-burner. This will help you avoid stagnation and decline, so always look towards how your initiatives can become better and better. The brand sentiment, the way many businesses measure their success, is how your customers and audience feel about your brand.

If it sounds hard to quantify, it’s because it is, but it’s a key factor in your brand’s success. Social media has become a powerful way for customers to make their feelings known about businesses and their respective brands, which is why building your social media presence with the right strategy can catapult your business’ success.

Branding isn’t as easy as it looks. With brand strategy, you can use all the necessary tools to successfully build recognition.

Brand Recognition: Get Your Name Out There!

Once you’ve developed a detailed strategy, it’s time to put that plan into action and build brand recognition with your audience. Brand recognition is essentially how well customers can recognize and identify your overall brand, products, or services through your logo, advertising, packaging, slogan, or even theme song if you have one.

Many famous brands have catchy jingles they use often to stand out to their customers and build that recognition. Now, we’re not saying you should start writing a song, but we are saying that consistency and frequency are key. It can be as simple as making your brand logo appear often to the customer, such as on the physical products you provide, on the packages you put products in, in your advertisements, on your website, on your social media, etc.

Many iconic businesses even build recognition by having unique, made-up characters or phrases pop up frequently in their ads, so come up with creative ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Build Recognition With These Tips and Tricks

  1. What’s your story? Believe it or not, storytelling isn’t just for movies and books—it can actually be a great tool for marketing. Owning a business and trying to build a brand is no easy task, but thinking about the story of your business can help guide you on the path to developing a memorable connection with your audience. Humans feel a natural attachment to stories that have meaning and draw out their emotions.
  2. Develop your social media platforms wisely. Your social media should be cohesive and have its own separate strategy and schedule. When your social media falls in line with your branding, customers will remember your company more. If your social media is inconsistent, your brand will feel choppy and customers can easily forget about you. Social media and marketing go hand and hand, and our experts at GOA-TECH can help you with everything your business needs to build its brand.
  3. If you don’t use SEO, you’re falling behind. Search engine optimization (SEO) is key now that marketing and advertising have gone digital. By hiring a team prolific in SEO, you can increase the traffic on your website so that even more customers are introduced to your business.

At GOA-TECH, we understand that when it comes to branding, impressions count. Make an amazing first impression on your customers by marketing your business the right way. Give us a call, and we’d be happy to help!

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