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A New Player Has Entered the Game!

At first, they want to be you, and then they want to beat you. This is the most recent story for Zoom. The conferencing software has gone from playing a side role in business operations to the star in the daily drama of workers and companies everywhere due to the new normal of coronavirus COVID-19.

With some new competition on the rise for Zoom in the form of Facebook Messenger Rooms and a variety of others, Zoom’s value continues to stay strong despite numerous other companies attempting to catch up.

Facebook, Google, and other behemoths have their sights set on the most popular Silicon Valley company of the moment. Read on to learn more about the latest virtual meeting solutions from our digital marketing team at GOA-TECH.

The Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic | Life in the New Normal with Virtual Meeting Solutions

The spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19 certainly and predictably turbocharged the entire video chat industry. However, Zoom quickly emerged as a clear frontrunner as the solution for virtual meetings in the workplace, and even amongst friends.

This primarily occurred due to word of mouth regarding how easy and straightforward it is to install and utilize the platform. As a result, Zoom quickly became the most downloaded app in Apple’s app store for over a month. This increased Zoom’s company valuation at approximately $47 billion. This is a figure larger than other digital mainstays like Slack or Pinterest.

Unfortunately, no success in business comes easy. Several resources proceeded to criticize the lack of security and privacy features on the Zoom platform. This became an apparent issue with “Zoombombing,” a form of digital harassment interrupting other group Zoom sessions.

This created an opportunity for other tech and telecom companies to close the gap, racing to catch up to the new tech giant with their own virtual meeting solutions.

Nevertheless, Zoom is taking the proper steps to roll out end-to-end encryptions to combat these safety and privacy issues with the hope that it’s enough to maintain their place on top of the virtual meeting software world.

The Competition

As the questions and concerns continue to surround Zoom’s security and functionality measures, competitors like Google, Verizon, and even Facebook have rushed to assure potential consumers that their software offerings are safer.

Even video game providers like Epic Games have entered their hat into the virtual meeting ring with Houseparty. This is a video chat app acquired by Epic Games last year, long before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Houseparty emphasizes features like the ability to play games “together” with friends and other users on the app. For this reason, it remains popular with younger, tech-oriented audiences.

Unfortunately for these competitors, Zoom may still remain too ingrained in the industry and our consciousness to dislodge. 

For example, last month, when Google chief business officer Philipp Schindler held a videoconference meeting with thousands of Google employees on Google Meet. His young son found his way into the meeting and asked if Mr. Schindler was utilizing the Zoom platform to talk to his co-workers.

Despite Mr. Schindler’s attempts to correct him, his son went on to say how much he and his friends enjoyed using the Zoom platform to connect when more separated than ever.

The Future of Virtual Meeting Solutions | GOA-TECH

Although Zoom may remain the hottest item on the markup, several startups are doing their best to piggyback on their success. Serious tech companies continue to enter the market as competition for the popular platform.

To keep up with all the latest trends with virtual meeting solutions and beyond, follow along with our blog and contact GOA-TECH to learn more about how working remotely with virtual meetings and desktop solutions could help your business!

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