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new trends in social media marketing 2020

Social networking has grown and transformed over the years. Facebook started out as a simple platform that enabled people to connect or reconnect even across great distances. With the current state of the world and people feeling more separated than ever, Facebook and Instagram are enhancing their platform to optimize user connection.

Facebook started social media marketing trends by providing features to reunite high school graduates 10 or 15 years later, or even enabling a family to keep in touch from all over the country. With life seemingly on pause and everyone stuck indoors, both Facebook and Instagram are setting the tone for new trends in social media marketing for 2020, focusing on bringing people together.

Messenger Rooms

We can think of the new Facebook Messenger Rooms feature like a conference call for individuals to set up and invite basically anyone to join the call. This tool aims to bring more people together without the formality and necessity of making calendar appointments and scheduling a call with multiple people.

Users can conference call with up to 50 people at once with no time limit whatsoever. When setting up a Messenger Room call, this sends a notification to friends and followers so they can immediately jump in on the fun.

The best news? Messenger Rooms is bucking social media trends of the past in that anyone can join a Facebook Messenger Room call. They won’t even need a Facebook profile to use the tool. This is a 2020 marketing trend for the future that may significantly benefit marketers wanting to extend the reach of their community net.

Instagram Stories Challenge Sticker

If it’s one thing that social media users like to do, it is taking part in a good challenge. With the new Instagram Stories Challenge Sticker, coordinating a social media challenge is simple, and streamlined.

Challenges remain hugely popular amongst Instagram users from Joe Schmo to famous celebrities like Drake or the cast of the former NBC sitcom Friends.

As more and more people stay home to make attempts at flattening the curve, #quarantinelife will continue to blow up with social media challenges to help stave off boredom while having some fun with friends or family.

This social media marketing trend for 2020 is easy, record the challenge and open the sticker drawer before tapping on the name of the challenge in the search bar. Finally, tap on the sticker and post to Instagram, and it’s done!

Charging for Facebook Live Events

Facebook has made things much easier (and profitable) for small businesses and independent creators everywhere. Brands and businesses can now charge a nominal fee to attend their virtual Live events.

Although this may not seem like a positive at first, Facebook Events serve as an ideal way to bring individuals together, and the ability to charge can generate new revenue streams for many that feel truly desperate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When considering new trends in social media marketing for 2020, the ability to charge for Live Events on Facebook is just like selling tickets to a show or a conference. Nonetheless, bringing people together is still easy with Live Events as people can purchase tickets to shows and conferences from virtually anywhere.

new trends in social media marketing 2020 on Facebook and Instagram from GOA-TECH

All we can do during this crisis is work to spread the word while looking out for one another. With these latest features on Instagram and the Facebook platform, maintaining relationships with friends and followers has never been easier.

Contact GOA-TECH today to learn more about utilizing the latest social media marketing trends and tools in your favor.

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