Telemedicine: The New Norm Post-Coronavirus?


Telemedicine – Health Services in the New Normal

With the onset of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has drastically changed. Visits to brick and mortar healthcare facilities now serve (at least temporarily) as a way of the past. Virtual services, telemedicine, and e-visitations are conducted through laptops and mobile apps in the comfort of patient homes.

In fact, coronavirus has created a surge in the number of companies now offering online medical consultations as part of the new normalPatients and healthcare providers are seeking new ways to interact and assist patients. Telemedicine has seen a boon in patients and providers alike seeking it as a solution.

As we move forward into new territory, telehealth services will reflect not only an accepted but an expected service that healthcare providers will offer. When implemented and utilized correctly with conventional practice, any medical service provider should offer this new option as part of patient services as we move into the new norm. Here’s why:

Simple and Sensible Provisions

Telemedicine services are very easy to offer. Medical providers can sign up for a variety of teleconferencing software options and apps and begin making digital house calls in almost no time.

No matter the level of comfort with technology, the provider only needs to send a link. The patient can then click on the link, and that is all there is to it. There is nothing to download, patch, or update.

Telemedicine appointments only take the amount of time a provider needs to speak with a patient. This means no time commuting or waiting. As a bonus, patients should feel more relaxed and at ease in a comfortable, familiar place, the comfort of their own home.

Good Business, Good Practice

By supplementing healthcare services with telemedicine in the new norm, providers can check in with their patients far more often. This means that specialists can guide their patients towards making smarter decisions about their treatment.

Telehealth services also alleviate those moments when patients declare they don’t feel quite well enough to come in for appointments or don’t have enough time. There’s simply no excuse to miss out on staying in touch.

Furthermore, telemedicine provides many opportunities to develop and maintain relationships with patients. As a result, these providers can experience additional revenue streams.

Consider situations where a patient may suffer from a condition that needs close monitoring, or that a physician needs to speak with patients before administering a new prescription. Telemedicine makes all this very easy.

Information on Telemedicine in the New Normal from GOA-TECH

The world is readier today than ever before to accept a transformation to telehealth services. The time is now for healthcare providers to lead the way into the new normal.

As people accept convenience, speed, and transparency from the services they purchase, healthcare is absolutely no exception. Telemedicine services continue to accelerate, taking a crisis like coronavirus COVID-19 to push many healthcare entities to the new frontier.

With any luck, providers will continue to offer these advanced services, ending with patients receiving better care with a mix of virtual and in-person options.

Our team from GOA-TECH will continue to offer our assistance and guidance as clients migrate to the digital medium for their products and services. To learn more about telemedicine offerings in the new normal and how we can help you, contact our team today!

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