Regina Campbell, Esq. Successfully Navigates the New Norm For Law Firms

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Shifting Messaging During COVID-19

Along with the rest of the world, the business world was thrown a major curveball by the Coronavirus. Shifting marketing strategies and confronting unprecedented challenges are nothing new, but doing so in a pandemic was a new playing field. 

But this new playing field is presenting new opportunities to connect with customers and clients, especially for those in the legal field.

With face-to-face contact unavailable, professionals like Regina Campbell, Esq., Managing Partner at The Campbell Law Group, P.A. is turning her focus to alternative and virtual marketing strategies to continue conducting business and meet clients needs.

Our team from GOA-TECH is turning the spotlight on Regina’s successful internet marketing strategies. Read on to learn more.

Switching to Social Media

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are spending more time on social media. They are looking to connect, and they are looking for information. 

Regina Campbell switched her marketing efforts towards social media platforms with more individuals than ever browsing social media platforms and seeking help or assistance in a coronavirus world. This switch provided a lifeline for her to reach out on Facebook and other resources to interact with individuals, posting updates on legal issues, COVID-19, as well as market ways that her current and potential clients who are in need can seek help with their legal concerns.

A glance at The Campbell Law Group’s Facebook page offers insights into how legal professionals and businesses can use social media as an effective  Miami internet marketing platform. 

Regina Campbell’s approach is engaging and informative, from uplifting messaging to providing legal resources and blog article links.

Q&As Provide an Opportunity to Connect 

While adhering to the “safer at home” order, Regina is using the opportunity to provide help to those in need. Many individuals are seeking legal information and information regarding COVID-19, so Regina is using her social media platform to answer questions and answer for that needing advice.

From a Miami internet marketing perspective, Regina is increasing her visibility and traffic to her site and platforms, all while providing valuable information from a qualified, professional attorney. These platforms allow Regina Campbell to make personal, authentic connections with clients and potential clients while helping individuals during a difficult time.

Google Ad Words

Conversion from traditional advertising efforts focusing further on social media strategy offers an opportunity to get more eyes on content than ever before.

Regina Campbell and The Campbell Law Group, P.A., are also using marketing funnels and Google Ad displays to market her firm. However, these aren’t just ads. Her content is informative, useful legal information and also incorporates coronavirus-related posts.

Her strategies are not just effective for those in the legal field. Any industry can benefit from The Campbell Law Group, P.A.’s marketing approach. 

Miami Internet Marketing with Regina Campbell – Changing Her Angle

Businesses will continue to face challenges as we navigate what many are calling the “new normal,” or the “new norm.” Miami internet marketing is more important than ever to all industries, and the legal field is no exception.

To learn more about Regina Campbell, The Campbell Law Group, P.A., and creative marketing initiatives through COVID-19 and beyond, contact our team from GOA-TECH today!

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