Top Ways Your Law Firm Can Embrace the New Normal and Thrive

New Norm

How to Set Up a Legal Practice in the New Norm

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 has impacted virtually every industry worldwide, including the legal field. Currently, every lawyer or law firm is feeling some impact on both a professional and personal level. 

When it comes to managing and marketing your law firm, exploring new strategies can guide your law firm through a potentially stressful time. 

Seizing opportunities and embracing this new norm can put you on the path for greater success and growth in the future.

To help you embrace this new norm, our digital marketing agency GOA-TECH is offering some information that may help you effectively market your law firm during the pandemic.

Read on to learn some great Miami internet marketing tips that could help you focus your strategies and even open a law firm during a crisis.

Solidify Your Digital Marketing

COVID-19 has provided all of us with a significant amount of downtime. Using this time to do a little bit of market research for your firm by looking at competitors and the current online marketing trends could offer your firm a distinct advantage as we move into the new norm.

Additionally, use this downtime to update your services and products on Google Listings.

A distinct online presence means nothing when information listed online is inaccurate, and consumers cannot understand what your services your firm provides.

GOA-TECH provides brand consulting to many law firms in Miami, and we often advise that our legal clients take some time to update or fix the content, branding, and artwork, both on their website and on social media. 

Updating content includes fixing issues, correcting inaccurate or outdated content, and revising content to make it relevant.

Once you get your firm up and running, subscribe to video conferencing services. Video conferencing is beneficial for correspondence between team members and partners, in addition to offering a platform to provide guidance and consultation with clients.

Finally, you can utilize your pandemic downtime to digitize your legal processes. The legal field is advancing with case management software and digital filing, which provides numerous benefits to your firm’s daily operations.

Technology Resources for the New Norm  

Counseling clients remotely enables legal professionals to provide a sense of normalcy and crucial resources during this trying time.  

Our GOA-TECH team wants to offer some options that can help you connect with your clients in addition to firm members and partners.

Remote Desktop Connection

Team Viewer


Google Remote Desktop

Cloud “Servers”



Virtual Meetings/Webinar Software

Google Hangouts

Uber Conference



Ring Central

Information on Miami Internet Marketing for Law Firms in the New Norm from GOA-TECH

Hopefully, this information will help your firm plan its internet marketing strategies as we move into the new norm for your law firm. 

While these times remain challenging, as a legal professional, you can guide and assist your clients through uncertain times.

For more information on brand consulting in Miami from our digital marketing agency, contact our team from GOA-TECH.

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