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Preparing Your Legal Firm for Remote Work in Unprecedented Times

The way we all work has transformed dramatically in the last few weeks with coronavirus COVID-19 continuing to impact individuals and organizations on a world scale. For this reason, many small businesses, even legal professionals, must make the rapid transition into remote work.

You are used to driving to the office and talking to your staff face to face. Your idea of being productive and managing your staff is in person. However, for quite some time, outside of your law firm, large companies have been able to establish a productive company workflow with a remote or virtual office structure. 

Now is the opportunity to shift your mindset and embrace alternative work arrangements and technology.  Aside from the current pandemic, this new push to work remotely will allow you to be more effective not only now, but during our  Hurricane Season, sick leave, or time off. You may even find greater efficiency with remote workers. 

Workplace disruption is a byproduct of the coronavirus. However, furloughed employees delayed deliveries, and canceled appointments can occur as a result of a wide variety of occurrences with a notable impact on a firm.

Here are some workflow tips from our Miami internet marketing company GOA-TECH on how you can keep your staff motivated:

Shift from Old Fashioned Servers to the Cloud!

By getting off of server data and migrating IT infrastructure to a cloud-based system, all employees and partners can work at the same level as if they were in the office. For some businesses, this can represent a lifeline for the company’s wellbeing. When stopping work for even a day means a significant amount of lost overhead, a cloud-based system is an ideal solution.

Create shared document drives to access from any computer

File-sharing between partners and employees makes the task of accessing vital information secure and convenient. Instantaneous access from anywhere enables users to reduce their time and energy to perform typical firm tasks.

Create Shared Calendars with your team.

The most significant benefit of utilizing electronic scheduling tools is that all partners and employees have access to a group schedule without the need for phone correspondence and administrative assistance.

This convenience can cut down the time needed to set up meetings as shared calendars inform everyone where all other parties are, what they’re doing, and when they remain available.

Keep Shared Task Lists with Deadlines! (Apple Notes, or Google Keep)

Collaborative task lists can bring a team together in ways well beyond simply responding to an email or text message. When team members are physically distanced, shared task lists with deadlines enable a team to collaborate effectively, working on getting a job done effectively and on time.

Implementing Project Management Software (Trello or Monday)

Project management software provides a business or legal firm with a solution that helps them juggle and prioritize multiple projects, cases, and deadlines. To put it plainly, this means automated assistance to keep teams organized.

Utilizing management software like Trello or Monday helps users collaborate on projects, delegate tasks, track projects, stay on task, communicate amongst one another, and even correspond with clients on various issues.

Conducting Short Morning Video Staff Meetings & End of Day Meetings Daily (great for Accountability)

Video staff meetings offer the opportunity for team leaders to connect with other members of the firm, providing collaboration, training, and sharing of important information. However, virtual meetings are also a perfect opportunity for staff to address ideas and concerns about tasks, roles, and responsibilities.

Finally, conducting virtual meetings in the morning at the end of the day will help to keep the team focused and up to date on any developments during the workday. Video meetings are also an excellent way to help staff and partners feel appreciated and valued as members of the company.

Using Video Conference Software Like Zoom or Google Hangout Meetings.

Lag-free video and instant sharing demonstrate some of the attributes that reliable, modern video conferencing tools can offer. Zoom and Google Hangouts represent the “Gold Standard” in regards to conferencing utilities, providing consistent user experiences with optimized solutions intended to work perfectly.

Virtual meeting solutions enable firms to meet with clients and colleagues alike through video correspondence. With convenience and technological advancement, virtual meetings now serve as an effective solution for any scenario that keeps team members or clients apart.

As a FREE gift: If you are interested in a free Zoom Webinar Cheat Sheet, reply back and we will send one over!

Set Up Your Remote Practice Right with GOA-TECH

Coming from technology professionals at a Digital Marketing Company, we know that your law firm can be just as productive, collaborative, and resilient with a solid work from home model. To learn more, feel free to reach out with any questions and contact GOA-TECH today!

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