How to Use Client Testimonials to Increase SEO Ranking

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are beneficial for your business because they can make people more willing to purchase from you. In addition, posting great testimonials to your website and social media profiles gives you more credibility and improves your reputation. When used correctly, client testimonials can also increase SEO ranking.

Get it Out

Find B2B review sites that allow you to create and share testimonials about your business. The more visibility you create, the more likely you are to get new visitors to your site. And by reading a positive client testimonial, this user may also likely convert.

A few sites you can try on include G2, Google My Business, TrustRadius, and Capterra. As much as possible, proactively ask customers to review your product or service to gain more reviews. Also, do make sure that you always deliver to increase your chances of getting a positive review from a client.

Analyze Your Reviews

You can use client testimonials to help you with keyword strategy and content. Take time to review all of them and find recurring statements or questions. Determine the challenges or the pain points of your customers, and then use this to create content to solve a customer’s problem. You can also use recurring statements or questions in your keyword strategy.

Respond to Testimonials

Don’t underestimate the power of engagement. When you respond to comments — whether it’s a negative or a positive comment — it shows that you value your customers and their feedback. Also, Google sees engagement as a sign of trust. This can help with your SEO.

Test Your Webpages

As soon as you have created content around the testimonials, consider testing the pages to help you which pages resonate most with your followers? Which has the highest conversion? Which are the low-performing posts? Then, update low-performing posts and do a test again.

Use it to your Blog Posts and Landing Pages

You can post testimonials to your landing pages to encourage more prospects to buy from you. It also improves brand visibility.

Contact a Miami SEO Agency | GOA-TECH

Do you have client testimonials? Then, we can help you maximize them to your advantage. We are an SEO company in Miami that offers cheap SEO packages to both startups and established businesses.

Our ultimate goal is to use all available resources to help with our SEO strategy. Through client testimonials, we can create more awareness for your brand and compel more users to buy from you.

Our team of SEO experts can help you effectively use client testimonials to your advantage. We can help you gain better rankings in the SERPs and ultimately help you gain more conversions. So get in touch with us today! Let us know your business objectives, and we can recommend solutions that can help achieve your goals.

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