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Digital Marketing Mother's Day

GOA-TECH’s Mother-Daughter Power Duo Share Secrets of Success

Mother-daughter relationships are complicated. So what happens when you are a mother and daughter, and you run a family business together? For the Miranda family, it’s a winning combination. 

Barbara Miranda is the CFO at the digital marketing firm GOA-TECH, where she oversees the direction and coordination of the company and is responsible for staff management, department supervision, expense control, and growth.  

Meraises Miranda, her daughter, is the lead project manager and has worked at GOA-TECH since 2013.

Together they blend their talents to deliver optimal results and top-notch customer service to clients.

Barbara and Meraises are sharing three tips the follow for success:

Three Tips for Working With Family

1. Listen to Each Other

In general, mothers and daughters tend to clash with each other. While it is normal to have conflict in any relationship, it’s important to have agreed-upon ways to resolve disagreements.

The Mirandas reduce conflict by respecting and listening to each other. They also make it a point to stay positive and find constructive resolutions to issues. 

Both Barbara and Mera listen to each other make it a point to listen to each other’s business ideas with open minds.

2. Set aside specific times for family and for work.

When families work together and run a business, it is easy for work to carry over into family time. 

Creating a designated space for business and family is vital to finding work-life balance.

To maintain balance, the Mirandas limit the work conversations when they are off the clock. 

They also make it a point to spend some quality time as a mother and daughter.

3. Understand Each Other’s Strengths & Weaknesses.

Digital Marketing Mother's DayBarbara oversees the direction and coordination of the company. She finds new ways to deliver services more efficiently and meet client expectations.

“It’s not always easy to manage five children and our employees, but my mom gets it done. She’s a finisher,” said Meraises. 

According to Barbara, Meraises’ thoroughness and determination are strengths that keep GOA-TECH on track.  

Barbara and Meraises are passionate about what they do, and they don’t settle. Each client is a priority, and their goal at GOA-TECH isn’t just to meet client expectations; it’s to exceed them.

For more information on how GOA-TECH can help you with your digital marketing needs, contact us, or visit www.goa-tech.com for more details.

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