5 Rules to Follow When Marketing To Women In a Digital Age

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Effective Marketing to Women in the Digital Era

Modern women control an impressive amount of buying power. As roughly half of the population in the entire world, women remain the primary decision-makers in most American households. Although marketing to women is not a new or novel concept, many business approaches continue refusing to evolve, or ineffectively evolving.

Similarly, modern Americans expect far more out of the brands they relate with than previous generations. Over ¼ of American users flat-out refuse to read content that doesn’t attempt to entertain or inform them. Furthermore, over half only share content that provides thought-provoking or intelligent content. This is a substantially tall order for marketers.

The question is, how can content marketers adjust their tactics to connect with women through digital marketing? Our team’s recommendation at GOA-TECH is simply listening to what these modern women want as opposed to adhering to some antiquated or outdated marketing playbook. We want to help by offering the following “rules” and tips.

Create Personal, Relevant, and Targeted Content

Marketing to WomenMany companies create content that remains far too broad to relate to modern women. This may seem somewhat hypocritical since we are catering an article towards modern women and how to market to them, but you can’t stereotype or generalize your marketing initiatives.

Narrowing down your marketing demographic before thinking about needs, desires, or triggers can help you speak to more refined, particular audiences. When attempting to implement strategies for marketing to women, think about personal, topical, and specially targeted content.

Consider the Color Pink Might Be a Bit Sexist

Marketing to WomenThe worst mistake that numerous marketers make is cultivating strategies and graphics that they already use before adorning them with a pink hue. If beautifying everything in pink was ever a “thing” that time has long since passed, and the strategy no longer remains viable.

A pink version of an already existing product doesn’t matter. What will matter is your content strategy for marketing to women that distinguishes your campaign from every other.

Spearhead a Charitable Initiative

Marketing to WomenMany women choose to dedicate their funds politically, or for a cause. This involves purchasing from companies that frequently donate a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes. You could make a commitment to communicating or working with a local group whose mission you identify or can align with your brand.

Initiatives like this may help marketing to women as some may feel like they do more than simply shopping for products from interacting with your brand. As a result, you can obtain boosted profits and sales.

Market to Women in Specific Locations

Marketing to WomenSocial media marketing still serves as the best way for brands to reach their intended audience. Most users commit to Facebook. However, a growing number now utilize the increasingly popular Instagram platform to interact with a variety of companies and brands.

Modern marketing to women typically revolves around niche interests, as well as preferences for a further refined demographic. Take the necessary time to get to know your targeted audience. Then, focus your efforts to maximize your presence on their preferred social media platform.

Respect Female Diversity

Marketing to WomenNow more than ever before, women openly celebrate their diversity. This includes trans women, women of color, and LGBT women. Just a few examples that embrace the differences in their identities.

Determining what intrigues them and marketing to these specific interests, as well as language,  affords companies an ideal opportunity to engage in marketing to women. Brands think about women far too narrowly, far too often, fashioning their products in pastel shades or within specific subsets of entertainment.

As companies continue growing throughout the 21st century, it is important to remember that female leaders are increasing as well.

Tips for Marketing to Women from GOA-TECH

Today’s female audience remains savvy and intelligent. They don’t need pandering by outdated or patronizing marketing efforts. Brands must focus less on a general, outdated female ideal. Instead, looking more to the specific needs of a target demographic that so happens to be female. Create content that resonates, entertains, and informs before relying on influences to spread the word.

When you feel ready to tap into the immense sharing power of social media marketing to women, contact our comprehensive advertising, digital marketing, IT support, and web design firm to learn more.

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