Five Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs A Blog

Law Firm Marketing in Miami

Why Does Your Law Firm Website Need a Blog Anyway?

At GOA-TECH, when it comes to law firm marketing in Miami for our clients, lawyers often have tons of questions:

  • Why does my law firm need a blog?
  • What if I can’t find the time for content creation?
  • Do I need to post every single day?

Our experts recommend that every client includes a blog on their website. Although some may look at blogging as outdated, cheesy, or pointless, legal blog marketing works! Search engines love content, and a legal blog is one of the best ways to increase quality content.

Generate Leads

More information on a website creates more ways for new clients to find you. There’s no real mystery as to why search engines reward more, better, as well as new content. In fact, Google and Bing actually thrive on relevant information provisions in response to search queries.

A related element to generating leads with lawyer marketing is thinking of the ways that clients may find you through a search. “Best divorce attorney in Miami” or “Reviews for Miami family lawyers” represent the basics of legal search engine optimization through a wide range of potential search inquiries. 

You don’t need to call yourself the best legal firm in Miami, just simply write content evenhandedly displaying targeted keywords for improved search engine rankings and conversion rates.

Highlight Areas of Expertise

Setting aside unadulterated search engine value, blog articles provide a great lawyer marketing validation and impact. When referrals and other potential clients visit your website or other landing pages, they should observe the firm’s practice area expertise and engagement with the areas of law they’re searching for.

Specific attorneys with the firm can also display as authors with links to their biographies. This is a personal touch and connection with expertise in a given area. Considering emotional subjects like personal injury, divorce, and family law, a law practice’s compassionate approach can offer a sense of what it’s like working with certain attorneys.

Announce Firm News

Legal blog marketing offers an excellent way to showcase firm successes and any other happenings with the company. Maybe the firm hired someone new, won a case, or reeled in a new, high-profile client. Team members may also receive promotions to local community boards or win professional accolades. This is also a good way to show off citations in the media.

Try posting updates with images just to keep potential clients and any other page visitors in the loop. Updates in this area reflect well on any law firm, giving your website and lawyer marketing plans a dynamic presence.

Showcase Community Engagement

We mentioned earlier in this article how blogging remains important to attract the attention of not only search engines, but potential new clients as well. One of the fundamental reasons your law firm should commit to maintaining legal blog marketing is to create and demonstrate a sense of community.

This purpose is twofold. We can look at the internet as a one-way street. Simply hit “post” and the latest content you or other attorneys have created is sent off into the world. However, what happens after that?

Professionals and individuals interested in your field will read and share content. With useful information (and some strategized lawyer marketing tactics), posts will reach social media platforms for sharing here as well. This helps attorneys to interact with a community of individuals while developing relationships.

Similarly, your legal team can post insights and information into the firm and its activism. This might represent taking part in city council events or overseeing community activism initiatives important to the public.

Social Media Content

Well-written topics of interest provide undistilled channels for what remains essentially free legal marketing services. Creative content encourages social media sharing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, etc. 

Furthermore, social sharing is an additional SEO factor that impresses search engines by demonstrating that users find your site valuable, informative, and useful. This kind of content marketing is “evergreen”, meaning that post SEO value has longevity, not limited to the days and weeks after they post live.

Law Firm Marketing in Miami | GOA-TECH

Now that the GOA-TECH team shared a few ways to harness your potential skills as a legal blog lawyer, it’s time to get to it! There is no bad time to start your legal blog marketing to improve your online presence. 

If you don’t have the time to handle it yourself, you can always outsource your blogs to an online marketing agency like GOA-TECH with experts that specialize in SEO for lawyers. Reach out to our digital marketing team today to learn more about content marketing campaigns, and SEO strategies that we specially tailor for legal clients!

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