PR Tips for Attorneys: What Your Firm Needs to Know

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Lawyer Marketing and PR Tips for Law Firms

The legal profession is one of the most competitive industries in the United States. How can a lawyer stand out from the crowd? Increasing the visibility of your practice is essential to your success. One of the most effective methods is utilizing public relations or PR.

The way your firm presents itself affects everything from relationships with peers and clients to your reputation in the industry. Lawyer marketing and branding are conscious decisions about how you want your firm perceived by others, as well as an intentional effort to shape image.

Your firm can harness PR’s power to present the best version of itself to increase professional opportunities and meet your goals.

Content Matters

Not every legal professional understands the benefits of content marketing. Many attorneys resist the idea of posting on and maintaining a legal blog. However, legal content provides a key platform in law firm marketing strategy.

People love good content. Instead of simply searching for an attorney online, legal consumers evaluate their options and educate themselves. They’ll look at your firm’s expertise, reputation, as well as personal qualities of the attorneys themselves. The best way to convey this information is through content.

Search engines love content as well, as they are perpetually updating and determining the relative value of your firm’s website. Google, Bing, and other valuable search engines place an increased emphasis on informational and instructional content.

For attracting the attention of both potential clients and search engines, it is crucial to keep the website fresh and up to date with photos, accurate bios, clear explanations of your firm’s practice areas, and any news releases on cases.

Keeping your content marketing updated in this fashion not only provides search engines with tons of content to index, increasing your website performance, but additionally offers a clear look into your firm for potential new clients as well.

Think of Social Media as Your Personal News Network

Social media is a useful brand builder for any attorney seeking to improve their online presence. This is the best possible tool to share blog posts and other lawyer marketing content with peers in the industry, in addition to clients looking for a legal professional to serve their needs.

Social media also allows a firm to control a PR narrative and publish its own news! Post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. with the following for the best possible results:

  • Highlight Successes
  • Connect with the Community
  • Network with Peers
  • Develop Relationships
  • Share Legal News

While some lawyers may already have social media platforms and various directory websites, optimization is crucial to ensure personal branding falls in line with the firm’s website biography and law firm website design.

Law Firm Marketing in Miami | GOA-TECH

Strong lawyer marketing initiatives often prove highly beneficial for not only digital marketing but business development as well. Making the right efforts can help your firm stand out from the crowd with a well-crafted brand. As a result, this will help you attract more clients organically that align with your strengths and firm goals.

PR branding and marketing and also help your firm clarify where your attorneys should spend their time and energy. Is it time to devote a few hours to review documents or to respond to client emails? The answer may differ depending on your marketing or professional goals.

Let GOA-TECH tell your story. Our public relations team is ready to help your firm build and maintain a positive image by shaping opinion and increasing your overall brand awareness. 

With potential and referral clients, in addition to other attorneys, judges, and the media all potentially looking for services your firm provides, our team can help you curate content for your desired audiences while achieving goals with strategies to help you establish connections and tell your story in a meaningful, resonant way.

Reach out to GOA-TECH today to learn more about our PR Services including:

  • Public Relations Strategy Consulting
  • Integrated Communications Plans
  • Content Creation
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications

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