Cyber Security- How Safe is Your Business?

Cybersecurity Services

Is Your Company Safe from a Cyber Attack?

With costly scams, hijackers, and data breaches ever-present in the headlines, this means millions of dollars for hackers. However, this money has to come from somewhere and your business could be next. Are Your cybersecurity services up to the task?

Many small to medium-sized businesses have begun to understand how important keeping data secured is for their companies. Although many assume that attacks are only reserved for big corporations, over half target the medium business owner.

Even during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a notable uptick in the number of cyber-attacks achieved through spam and phishing emails. Unfortunately, it often takes this level of a breach within an organization to truly understand the severity of a cyber-threat.

From an industry perspective, it is eye-opening to see these companies react in the scope of cybersecurity. Many conversations with our Miami IT consulting firm GOA-TECH begin with security posture and how companies can improve.

It remains crucial for businesses to consider their cybersecurity with the current state of the world. Cyber-attacks are not going away any time soon.

Keeping Your Business Safe | IT Service in Miami

Common Threats

One of the biggest threats businesses face in the world of cybersecurity remains phishing. This is when an attacker sends a seemingly reputable email with the intention to trick someone into handing over their sensitive information. The thieves will then utilize this data to theft or defraud.

A cybersecurity services team can implement simple things like notification alerts for emails received from outside of the organization. This will help prevent email links visited from outside of the organization. Additionally, informing and testing employees on the dangers of cyber-attacks remains essential to mitigate potential threats.

Reused passwords serve as another common cybersecurity threat. Reusing passwords can be relatively easy to fix but is an often-overlooked issue. If a scammer manages to attain the password from any variety of channels, they then gain access to all the accounts that also depend on this password access.

Complications from COVID-19

An issue brought to the forefront in 2020 was the need for employees to continue their important work remotely while maintaining company security. Remote work introduces all kinds of security issues and many companies were unprepared to make the dramatic shift to working from home that happened early last year.

An option many companies use, and GOA-TECH commonly recommends is implementing remote desktop services. This enables employees to remotely log into work computers from their home devices.

Cybersecurity services and a managed IT services team can allow employees to begin connecting remotely to the business infrastructure. Nonetheless, it remains crucial to discuss these modifications with an ISP and IT team about what they use and how they securely access company computers from remote locations.

Remote work isn’t going away any time soon. Companies must operate remotely while ensuring information security and software updates, including firewall, malware, and antivirus implementations in place, updated, and ready to protect the business.

How Safe is Your Cybersecurity? | IT Service in Miami | GOA-TECH

Does your company have a firewall and other cybersecurity services in place? Our team from GOA-TECH can help educate you while assessing your current level of cybersecurity protection. We’ll work to offer you a tailored approach to resolving any present issues in your defenses while additionally combating future threats.

Our IT service in Miami works hard to operate within various budgets, customizing defense implementations and formulating the best solutions within any company budget. You don’t have to fight cyber-attackers alone. Hire the Miami IT consulting firm with a trustworthy and reliable reputation, in addition to the customized services and solutions that work!

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