Digital Marketing: Rule #1 Know Your Audience

Targeted Search Marketing

How to Master Digital Marketing in Miami

There’s an old saying in marketing along the lines of “If you talk to everyone, then you’re not talking to anyone”.  Simply stated, when you do not determine your audience for your business or the best way to communicate with them directly, your message will fall flat.

Broad, generic messaging often gets overlooked by users, or ignored, or forgotten entirely. The crux of any effective digital marketing campaign is identifying specific characteristics related to ideal customers. You must conduct targeted search marketing research for geographic, demographic, and psychological attributes of your market.

Getting to know your audience remains crucial for success in digital marketing. However, what this means today is that it isn’t enough to understand only the demographics and location of prospective users. You need to know as much as possible about them. Here’s how:

Targeted Search Marketing

Imagine for a minute that your company is designing a new marketing campaign. You won’t want to target everyone for a variety of reasons. First, broad marketing messaging may represent a waste of time and money. Second, it comes across to modern viewers as ingenuine.

Modern consumers appreciate authenticity in messaging, as well as targeting marketing efforts toward their interests. For example, individuals that play amateur or recreational sports probably appreciate advertising directed at them from sporting goods or fitness providers. Consequently, they may not be as interested in marketing for something like auto parts.

Nonetheless, it remains important to determine and target a specific audience with your targeted search marketing efforts as there will be a notable amount of overlap with certain consumer groups.

Targeted search marketing enables you to narrow down audiences by the information you determine from them like their demographics and other qualities. Marketers can accomplish this by creating “personas” for their client groups to create client groups for them, not for the company. Advanced analytic data additionally provides insights that help to refine marketing strategies and better target marketing initiatives.

Google Retargeting Services

Targeted search marketing involves initially segmenting potential consumer groups. Unfortunately, this is only a portion of the battle. Google retargeting services help take this first step a bit further with a useful set of tools.

Google retargeting, also called remarketing, represents technology that enables Google Ads to follow potential customers as they move across various places on the internet. When users visit an ad or website, marketers can implement a small snippet of code that adds them to a remarketing list.

This code tracks the user to other websites that utilize the same network, allowing you to customize your consumer personas and who sees remarketed advertising. Essentially, these retargeting services remind consumers of what they already need or want.

Digital Marketing in Miami | Winning Customers Over with Google Retargeting Services | GOA-TECH

Understanding a target audience may matter more than you initially think. In a perfect world, everyone represents a potential customer. Nevertheless, narrowing down specific groups who want a product or service and have the means and motivation to buy it is a crucial component to digital marketing success.

Conduct some customer research, communicate with the newfound audiences via content marketing and social media platforms, then test content in other places like ads. The more information marketers can collect about an audience, the better it may serve them.

To learn more about digital marketing in Miami, in addition to Google retargeting services and targeted search marketing, reach out to our agency from GOA-TECH today!

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