Ever Look at a Product or Service and Then See it Following You on Other Sites?

Google Remarketing

All You Need to Know About Google Retargeting and Remarketing

Similar to how Google receives algorithm updates regularly, Google Ads continue to get better as well. 

You may wonder whether or not the time is now to complement your marketing content with Google Ads, and the benefits your business stands to gain from this addition.

Google remarketing, also known as Google retargeting, is a crucial tool that you can utilize to motivate your potential customers to return to your website and for other calls to action as well. 

With over 98 percent of visitors never returning to a site after the initial visit, these Google-oriented strategies are very important to a marketing strategy.

In any case, your business goal should be to make visitors return to your site and take necessary actions that can lead to conversions, in addition to the highest possible return on investment(ROI). Upping the return on investment is where Google remarketing can play a vital role. 

For this reason, our team from GOA-TECH is breaking down everything you need to know. Read on to learn more.

What is Google Retargeting?

Retargeting or remarketing involves utilizing visitor data through cookies, Pixel, emails, and other tools. 

We can depend on this data to retarget these individuals based on their previous activity on a website. It also applies to interactions with social media and other content.

Although we freely use the terms remarketing and retargeting interchangeably, retargeting involves targeting these visitors with additional attractive offers. This might include discounted prices, a more diverse range of images and content, etc.

Nonetheless, retargeting and remarketing will involve analyzing data such as visitors adding products to an e-commerce shopping cart without finalizing the checkout process. 

This often includes visitors that already possess an account with retargeting efforts taking placed based on this action.

Let’s take a look at the benefits your brand can attain through Google retargeting and remarketing efforts.

The Benefits of Google Remarketing for Your Brand

Google remarketing and retargeting is a type of marketing campaign that specifically targets audiences that previously visited your website, social media account, etc., interacting with your content.

We can look at this similar to a follow-up call in traditional marketing initiatives. In many cases, your targeted audience will take uncompleted actions despite showing interest in your company’s products or services.

We can track these individuals by their cookies or remarketing pixel codes embedded on the website. This tracks the audience’s behavior.

Similarly, Google retargeting and remarketing enables audience tracking from external sources as well. People may look at videos on YouTube, or shown interest through external marketing channels.

For a variety of businesses, it remains essential to gain as much visibility as possible in the earliest stages. Google remarketing is an excellent opportunity for small, medium, and large businesses to compete through collecting relevant data. With the right marketing team, you can create a highly-targeted remarketing campaign.

As businesses continue to grow, Google retargeting benefits businesses by increasing conversion rates. Relying on these useful tools in modern, digital marketing implementations targets individuals who were, and potentially are, interested in your products and services.

Information on Google Remarketing and Retargeting from GOA-TECH

Google Remarketing is an efficient tool, far more cost-effective, imparting an increased success rate over standard display advertising. 

Our marketing firm GOA-TECH recommends any small business depending on this method to grow its brand.

To learn more about how you can expand your brand, taking your business to the next level, contact our professional and dedicated team from GOA-TECH today!

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