Digital Marketing Tools to Build Your Audience

Digital Marketing Tools

How Can Digital Marketing Tools Help Grow Your Business?

Every business needs to focus its time, energy, and resources on achieving its set goals. Deciding the best strategies and tools to achieve your goals is the basis for virtually every business’s success in any industry.

When it comes to digital marketing, finding the right tools and resources is imperative because the wrong tools could become just an unproductive distraction from a company’s primary goals. Numerous new additions get launched each day. So many, in fact, that none of us can ever possibly utilize them all.

Nevertheless, when appropriately implemented, a curated suite of digital marketing tools can streamline every part of a digital marketing campaign. This enables proprietors and business operators to focus their energies on their primary goals.

For this reason, our digital marketing agency GOA-TECH wants to share a variety of our favorite tools that can automate, streamline, and enhance supplemental portions of a business strategy while enabling focus on company efforts.

FB Pixel

For any business that relies on Facebook Ads (pro-tip: you should), there’s one great tool you can rely on to get the most out of your advertising budget – Facebook Pixel (FB Pixel).

FB pixel is code implemented on a website to collect data. We can utilize this data to track conversions and optimize Facebook Ads and build targeted audiences for future advertising initiatives.

The code works by placing and triggering cookies that track users as they interact with both the company website and the Facebook Ad as well. As a result, the code will provide compiled information that helps ensure users see ads that remain most likely to take the desired action, improving ad conversion rate, in addition to ROI.


Google Tag Manager or GTM is a digital marketing tool used to manage JavaScript and HTML tags on various web pages. These tags offer further tracking and analytics data to add and remove code snippets without extensive coding.

All marketers must use tracking tools to visualize and analyze how a site performs, where their users come from, and what they can do to improve campaign performance.


Even for those just starting with a website or digital advertising, we’ve all heard the term Google Analytics (GA). However, what does the Google Analytics digital marketing tool do?

Google provides the GA platform for free tracking and statistical insights on how visitors find a site, what they do once they get there, and other valuable, real-time information on the overall health of a business. These insights include eCommerce, as well as conversion rates.

If these benefits aren’t enough to convince a business of its importance, Google Analytics essentially covers all essential metrics and aspects, including:

  • Online Marketing Strategy Effectiveness
  • Onsite Content Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Device Functionality

Every one of these statistics demonstrates what works well and what doesn’t in a digital marketing campaign. Once a company can identify issues with their site, it enables a specialist to cultivate working solutions. Google Analytics digital marketing tools provide the information needed to improve websites, making them the best that they can be.

Digital Marketing in Miami | GOA-TECH | Miami Digital Advertising Agency

Digital marketing tools provide excellent opportunities for businesses to grow and reach new heights while running different campaigns that deliver valuable results for the company.

If you want to learn more about how and why you need to implement digital marketing tactics and how a digital marketing agency in Miami like ours from GOA-TECH can help you, reach out to us today!

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