Are You Cyber Secure? Stronger Cybersecurity in Today’s New Norm

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The moment the Internet was born, a wave of new security threats flooded our lives. Cybersecurity, a relatively new lane for IT, addresses these very threats. Whether you’ve experienced small threats such as your Instagram account getting hacked or more significant threats like ransomware attacks, you’re already familiar with cybersecurity and how important it is. But how has this “new normal” of remote work (due to the pandemic) pushed us further into the need for cybersecurity services on our home/work computers?  

The Importance of Cybersecurity Services

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things in our world. One of the biggest changes for America and several other countries pertained to the workforce. As social distancing and staying home became the new normal, companies big and small decided to go remote. Employees began packing up their belongings and turning their home spaces into offices. Zoom and Google Meet conference calls became the new meeting room. Phone calls, emails, and text messages became the primary means of communication between employees.

Now that pandemic restrictions have decreased significantly; some companies have decided to move their employees back into their original offices, while other businesses have decided to stay completely remote. What does this mean for cybersecurity threats? Jason Sabin from SecurityInfoWatch puts it best.

I Need a Geek to Help Me

Our IT team at GOA-TECH can monitor almost all IT aspects of your digital operations, so you don’t have to worry about them.

“After having employees and their devices scatter around regions, and in some cases, the world, cybersecurity was one of the things that companies had to double down on during the pandemic. As we approach a “new normal” in which remote work is becoming more widespread, securing digital infrastructure – no matter where in the world it is – is a habit that is sure to stay with companies for many years to come.”

Now more than ever, businesses have to invest in routine cybersecurity services to maintain the privacy of their business operations, including both their customers’ and employees’ information. This is especially true when it comes to remote work. Implementing more cybersecurity measures for large corporations and companies was easy, as they already had the in-house IT infrastructure or the room in their budget to ask for more protection with their preferred IT partners. But this wasn’t the case for most small businesses.

Perhaps your own small business still hasn’t had the time nor the room in your budget to hire an in-house IT professional. This is why we highly recommend outsourcing your IT services. Because cybersecurity has become such a huge monster by itself, it’s likely you will have to hire more than one IT professional full-time to deal with all of the threats that come your way. IT has a multitude of different sub-categories, it’s hard to find just one or two people who are experts in all categories.

Our IT team at GOA-TECH can monitor almost all IT aspects of your digital operations, so you don’t have to worry about them.

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You don’t have to have your own IT team to get robust cybersecurity for your business. GOA-TECH provides remote IT support for your business around the clock.

IT Services at GOA-TECH

GOA-TECH provides expert advice, working by your side to expand your business while minimizing costs. Our team members understand the necessity of flexibility to help your company move forward. However, this requires time and effort to understand your organization and goals.

Managing any IT or cybersecurity initiatives can be an overwhelming endeavor. GOA-TECH will help to plan and execute even the most complex IT projects. Our IT services include but are not limited to:

  • Wireless network deployment
  • VOIP & telephone solutions
  • Virtual desktop solutions
  • Server management
  • On-demand IT support
  • Network support & security
  • Data backup & disaster recovery
  • …and more!

Visit our IT and cybersecurity services page to learn more and book your consultation with us!

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