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Google Business Listing in Miami

How Can A Google My Business Powerlisting Help Your Business?

Many businesses will create a Google Business Listing or “Business Profile” to gain additional visibility with Google. Unfortunately, they often fail to realize that merely creating this profile doesn’t grant creator management over it.

You’ll want editing capabilities and management tools for your powerlistings to optimize Google My Business as effective, local SEO services and digital marketing tools.

How can you gain management over your South Florida company’s Google Business Listing in Miami? Our team from GOA-TECH has the answers.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a toolkit enabling companies to manage and optimize their listings on Google. These business listings appear on Google Maps and the local search results for user queries.

Creating these business listings essentially represents the same thing as adding a place to Google Maps, something anyone can do. All that Google requires you to implement a listing is your business name, location(s), and category.

Google will then confirm that the listing is not a duplicate, as you can only have one listing for your business on Google. Google will automatically create a Business Profile for your location(s). Customers can then leave reviews or add photos.

Users can even ask questions or add to the overall sense of community by answering questions about your business as well. However, the listing will additionally display business information populated by Google across the web.

This means that a Google Business Listing can exist on its own with no management or optimization whatsoever. Whether you created your online Google listing or not, you won’t automatically have the ability to manage the information it displays or the reviews it collects.

This is where PowerListing software helps to provide access, customization, management, and enhancements to your Business Profile on Google, all for free.

What’s New with Google Listings for 2021?

Google My Business can help you do it all. This cost-effective toolset helps you boost customer engagement while helping level the playing field between large and small business visibility. Google frequently updates the platform to help companies continue to achieve the best results.

PowerListings include not just Google, but all of your business listings across all search engine platforms. With our PowerListings service, we use a software that optimizes and updates your listings on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. This software makes sure your Google My Business Listing is always up to par for optimal results. Specifically, Google’s listing program includes several features, such as local ads and providing your call history, so you can track your leads and reach your potential customers.

Local Ads

Many local businesses have a limited ad budget, but still want to build credibility within their community. Those affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may want to encourage their community to continue shopping for local resources. With local service ads from Google My Business, companies can do this with ease. Our PowerListings service will make sure your ads on Google My Business and other platforms are always optimized.

Advertisements help to connect your company with customers directly in their service area, and you’ll only pay for them if a customer contacts the company through the ad directly. The ads will also only appear when you set them to appear. This enables you to target specific, high-traffic times of the day.

Call History

Ever tried contacting a business during their busiest hours and remain unable to reach a representative? With Call History, your company can visualize and respond to any missed calls placed through the Google Business Profile. 

This tool logs calls for up to 45 days on an opt-in basis as a convenient tool for businesses to track and respond to missed messages, saving customers from leaving multiple voicemails in a win-win for the company and client.

Call history serves as an ideal tool during COVID-19. Many companies now commonly experience massive spikes in their online and phone inquiries with adjusted hours of operation. A small or medium-sized local business may already feel overwhelmed during this time, posing a variety of challenges to return voicemails and online correspondence.

Call history tools solve both these problems for relief on both ends of the line.

Increasing Content for Better Results | Google Business Listings in Miami | GOA-TECH

The Google My Business platform is dynamic. A Business Profile not only changes based on the platform but also prioritizes profile sections according to a search inquiry, and the information that Google determines remains most important to users in your company category.

This means that you need to offer information and targeted keywords that help the search engine prioritize your business and emboldens your profile in the first place. We can think of this as similar to managing content creation in online marketing. This is also the same way we optimize SEO for search engines.

By increasing content and “on-profile” search engine optimization for your Google My Business, you optimize the Business Profile for searchers, coming down to targeting, content quality, and trust.

With a clear understanding of what Google My Business and PowerListings software can do for your company, this free tool and our PowerListing service is not just a good idea for local marketing but a must.

Our team from GOA-TECH can help you get your Google My Business profile up-and-running, as well as optimized to help you outshine the competition. Attract more customers with your Google Business Profile in Miami and our professional agency today!

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