What is a Backlink and How Does it Work?

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What is a Backlink? | Building Backlinks in 2021

A backlink describes what occurs when one website links to another website. Utilizing the right backlinks as part of your SEO strategy can improve your website ranking.

Google and other major search engines consider effective backlink usage as a vote of confidence or “thumbs up” for your page credibility. Pages with a high number of backlinks typically experience high organic search engine rankings. The more votes a site can attain from other sites with domain authority, the more positive effects this can impart on a site’s SEO ranking and search visibility.

What Do Backlinks Do? | Search Engine Optimization in South Florida

Backlinks help search engines to determine a site’s authority and relevancy on a keyword or topic for which it ranks. Additionally, backlinks to a website signal search engines that other external sources endorse the content.

When many sites link to the same web page, website, or other resources, the search engines will interpret this as content worth linking to. Therefore, this particular site or resource is worth ranking high on a Google SERP (search engine results page).

Utilizing SEO backlinks service to improve results with a search engine algorithm is nothing new. Backlinks formed the foundation of the very first “PageRank” Google algorithm. Since then, Google has made thousands of changes to its algorithm. However, backlinking remains a key ranking signal for the search engine.

Nonetheless, many still wonder what this means from an SEO perspective? How can an SEO specialist or webmaster observe the positive effects of link-building services?

Backlinks Promote the Brand

By virtue of their existence, backlinks provide additional exposure for a company’s online brand presence. Since a website and its information shows up on web pages relevant to their industry or niche, backlinking can help create awareness of the brand. 

As a result, the company can experience a passive boost to their web traffic as time goes on. The good news is that an SEO specialist or web designer won’t need to devote additional work to maintain them.

Improved Authority

The more Google, Bing, and other search engines “respect” a site’s authority, the higher the website ranking in local and organic search results. High-quality backlinks inform search engine crawlers that a site’s presence online is genuine, an authority within the niche.

Cohesion with Social Media

Using backlinks in social media marketing campaigns encourages other users on a platform to spread awareness of a brand on their own. Google emphasizes social media SEO, creating an opportunity for an SEO specialist to drive additional traffic to a site directly while improving the search engine’s regard for a site as well.

How to Build Backlinks | Implementing SEO Backlinks Service

How does a webmaster get other links to their site? What is the best strategy to acquire website links pointing to and from their site?

Properly utilizing backlinks and working this with SEO with a cohesive SEO backlinks service is critical to a successful SEO campaign. This strategy also helps a site rank high with Google organically.

Simply obtaining a massive number of backlinks or only using links from one website won’t likely affect a site’s rank position. Although this once worked in the past, this is now considered an outdated strategy.

Today, webmasters and SEO specialists can utilize long-term successful SEO backlinking strategies that feature:

  • Guest blog features with creative content creation
  • Creative insights based on original research
  • Developed relationships with social media influencers

Nevertheless, webmasters, developers, and SEO specialists, marketers, can additionally commit to some backlinking best practices.

Linkable Assets

If a website owner wants other resources to link to their site, they need something on a page worth linking to. This is what we call a “linkable asset.”

Linkable assets can include blog content, video content, quizzes, surveys, etc. It means anything that a user will want to link to.

In most cases, this means creating an informative piece of content. This is why we related search engine optimization and content marketing so closely together.

Visual Assets

Do infographics work as well as they once did? Likely no; however, they still remain an effective link-building strategy.

Like any piece of published content, a site must work to promote an infographic. After all, they took the time to get a graphic designer to create the infographic; why stop there and waste time without sharing it with a user base?

Using Backlinks in 2021 | GOA-TECH | SEO Agency in Miami

An SEO strategist’s toolbox effectiveness remains drastically reduced without backlinks. Only a few short years ago, companies competed to grab as many vaguely relevant backlinks as possible as the go-to SEO marketing strategy.

While this is no longer a viable method of backlinking and search engine optimization, this doesn’t mean that SEO backlinks service has decreased in importance in any way. Instead, the methods and strategies implemented then are just now refocused. The idea now is to shoot for the most highly relevant backlinks available while simultaneously avoiding any which offer only questionable relevance to a niche or industry.

Backlinks themselves aren’t any less important than they once were; it just takes high-quality backlinks to benefit a website’s search engine ranking.

Don’t hinder your traffic flow with lacking or poor-quality links; our SEO agency in Miami and SEO backlinks service from GOA-TECH can help you build links, your South Florida SEO, and backlink your site and get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns. Reach out to us today!

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