How Does the New Google Algorithm Update Impact My Current SEO?

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The New Google Algorithm Update is Out… So, What Happened?

After a lull in Google algorithm updates, Google’s July 2021 Core Algorithm update is entirely in effect. The new changes can affect page rankings, so for any readers who lost rankings, the first step to fixing this issue is understanding what happened with the latest update.

GOA-TECH’s team of search engine optimization consultants is ready to explain the new changes.

Focusing on Page Experience

Page Experience is now a focus in the Google Algorithm, and it impacts your page ranking. Page Experience involves all aspects concerning how users interact with web pages, including whether or not the user had a positive or negative experience.

Page Experience continues to include important website features like:

  • Mobile-friendly website design
  • Safe browsing

As a part of the 2021 Google Algorithm Core Update, Google also included Web Vitals. Web Vitals is a series of measured benchmarks which are essential to enhancing user experiences on the web. The focus of Web Vitals measures three areas:

As a part of the 2021 Google Algorithm Core Update, Google also included. Web Vitals is a series of measured benchmarks which are essential to enhancing user experiences on the web. The focus of Web Vitals measures three areas:

Page Loading Speed 

Web Vitals benchmarks and measures user-perceived load speed. This is the point of the page load time when the primary content present on a page is likely to load.


The Interactivity benchmark measures the time from when a user first interacts with a page. For example, Interactivity could determine a click or tap on a page to the time when a browser begins processing the interaction.

Visual Stability

Visual Stability works to prevent annoying and unexpected movements of web content on a page.

Ok… Buy Why is This Google Update Important?

The truth is that developers, marketers, and SEO specialists should take any page experience metric seriously. After all, search engine optimization strategies work to improve a website’s function and search rankings.

Google is working to implement functions that provide visual cues to guide users to top-tier user experience pages over others, even in the same categories. Pages that fall below the new benchmarks will likely get left behind in rankings. As a result, these companies will experience low traffic and decreased opportunities for engagement.

Although Google already factors hundreds of various aspects to determine page rankings, the inclusion of these new page experience factors lets them guide users for easy and enjoyable access to valuable content. 

This change provides search engine optimization consultants, specialists, web designers, and anyone involved in the optimization/development process much to consider. Understanding these signals and making changes to a website should remain a priority. Otherwise, site owners and others run the risk of users and search engines essentially ignoring a page.

Steps to Take to Improve

So far, we only have information regarding a broad outline of Google’s 2021 Core Algorithm Update. However, the specifics for what this means for web developers, webmasters, and others involved in the optimization and development process remain to be seen. Nonetheless, many are probably wondering if there is anything they can do right now?

Our SEO Company in Miami from GOA-TECH has some tips on how to enhance page experience like a pro:

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

More users browse the web using mobile devices today than ever before. Google’s algorithms predominantly use the mobile version of site content to rank pages as well. 

If a web designer hasn’t already, implementing mobile-friendly website design remains a must. The first steps should include:

  • Reducing Code
  • Reducing Redirects
  • Leveraging Browser Caching

Any mobile-friendly website design should be responsive and straightforward. This design helps the page appear attractive on smaller, mobile screens. However, designers can’t forget about optimizing the site structure for mobile devices as well.

Optimize Page Loading Speed

Delays of even one full second can decrease conversion rates by over 50%. About a second less than it takes to read a sentence within this article can severely damage a company page’s ability to convert potential consumers into long-time customers. 

The good news is that it remains relatively easy to avoid losing out because of frustrating delays with some alterations that can improve a mobile-friendly site and the desktop version as well.

An easy way to accomplish this is by minimizing HTTP requests. Components on a page take longer to render. Web designers can combine files to overcome a multitude of HTTP requests and optimize page loading speed.

Other aspects of improving loading speed include examining how JavaScript loads on a page, in addition to server response times. Specialists should additionally analyze compression, caching, as well as image file sizes. This consideration will positively affect the mobile experience for a responsive website as well.

Content Is Still King… | Miami Content Marketing | GOA-TECH

Creating effective and engaging content is something our team has focused on for some time. Nonetheless, it is one of the most critical components to a successful website design and search engine optimization at large… content.

Sometimes search engine optimization consultants, specialists, webmasters, etc., get so caught up focusing on website metrics that they forget what really matters in SEO. Content creation remains the most crucial component of digital marketing and SEO. The best content will always play a crucial role in determining page rank. Content creation should remain unique and straightforward while also answering a need.

Our Miami Content Marketing team from GOA-TECH has a proven track record for content creation, digital marketing, web design, and IT service, in addition to local SEO success in the South Florida community. Our marketing agency also assists clients with their SEO campaigns and marketing strategy through SEO consulting, link building, content creation, etc.

For assistance developing your website and optimizing your page experience according to the new Google Algorithm standards, reach out to our professional and dedicated customer service team today!


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