Domain Authority: What is it and How Do You Increase Yours?

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How Does Domain Authority Work?

The digital world certainly seems to like using abbreviations: Domain Authority (DA), Search Engine Results Page (SERP), even search engine optimization (SEO) are commonly used but not always understood by most people. 

We want to take the time to explain a couple of these terms. Search engines use hundreds of ranking factors that determine a page’s position on a SERP. One particular one that has taken notable importance is the domain authority of a website.

Knowing your DA score and understanding how domain authority works can help you to create and improve a marketing plan. Through methods like committing to high authority link building and other affordable link building services, anyone can work on improving their domain authority score, but we’ll touch on that more later.

Our team from GOA-TECH wants to break down some information on DA and share some tips on how you can improve your site’s domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain or website authority refers to an SEO concept that outlines the “strength” of a given domain. This factor generally relies on the number of relevant backlinks to your site from other reputable sites. The relevance score of these backlinks additionally contributes to a domain authority score as well.

Domain authority enables businesses to determine where they may rank on a search engine results page. DA is an estimate of a page’s possible ranking through various channels. The score compares websites as well as tracks the ranking strength of a website over time.

In simple terms, the higher domain authority score your site has, the more likely it is to earn a higher search engine ranking. As a result, pages with higher rankings will receive more web traffic due to their status on the search engine results page.

Domain authority is also a great way to measure SEO efforts while comparing the strength of your website to that of the competition’s websites.

Increasing Domain Authority

The tried-and-true “best”, long-term way to improve domain authority score is to analyze your link profile. You can accomplish this through Google Search Console, but the internet offers a variety of free backlink checkers as well.

What your link profile analysis will likely point to, is beginning the process of link building. High authority link building. Getting additional links from unique referring domains is the best way to improve your website’s domain authority score.

However, improving site authority only represents one part of the puzzle. Instead, the best method for affordable link-building services is to focus on earning backlinks from the strongest pages on reputable sites within your industry. 

Backlinking to high-quality pages in your industry will help you rank higher in Google. This is largely due to a clear correlation between the number of quality referring domains to a page and the amount of organic traffic that page receives.

White Hat Link Building Services

White hat link building involves vetting link prospects and attaining referring links ethically. At one time, developers and “SEO specialists” could simply achieve a backlink through guests posts with a link hidden in text colors that matched a page background or would achieve backlinks posting their links on “link farms”; sites that offered virtually any site a backlink on pages full of referring links.

Now, Google cares far more about the “strength” of a link page than that of the linking domain. Pages on high authority domains often appear much more viable than those on low authority resources.

An additional SEO best practice to improve domain authority is to boost content and keyword relevance. Webmasters and developers can accomplish this by creating long-form, in-depth content that other resources will feel more motivated to link to as a trusted resource. 

Building content not only informs Google context but additionally places your page or article within an upper-tier select group with reliable and trusted content in high positions on a search engine results page.

Improve Your Domain Authority with High Authority Link Building | GOA-TECH

Although this article primarily touches on the benefits of domain authority through affordable link building services and high authority link building, numerous different attributes factor into overall domain authority scores. 

Site auditing to ensure proper operation and speed of your website, mobile-responsive web design, proper internal linking structure, content marketing & optimized creation, as well as search engine optimization and proper digital marketing strategy all contribute to domain authority.

Although domain authority may seem like a complicated endeavor, once you get the hand of optimizing for DA, it is easy to understand and monitor. This is a valuable tool in any webmaster or SEO specialist’s toolbox, enabling a comprehensive understanding of a site’s overall digital presence and health.

Our team from GOA-TECH can help you improve your domain authority, in addition to your position on various search rankings pages. To learn more about our white hat link building service and other affordable link building services, reach out to our South Florida SEO Company today!


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