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Landing Page Best Practices

A Guide to Landing Page Best Practices and How to Generate Conversions

Anyone that begins to dabble into online marketing won’t go too far before they run into the term “landing page.” However, what is a landing page, and why does your business need one?

Many informative resources outline the importance of landing page best practices and why you need one for digital marketing. Nevertheless, several businesses, bloggers, and online personalities alike still wield limited knowledge on how landing pages work.

For this reason, our experts from GOA-TECH wants to share a breakdown primer guide on landing pages, why they’re essential, and what landing page best practices can offer in digital marketing.

Ok, So What’s a Landing Page?

Landing Page Best PracticesLanding pages represent pages on a site that directs users to take action. We call them landing pages because they focus on driving traffic through other online destinations. Take, for instance, someone clicking on a social media ad.

This gateway takes them to your company’s landing page. This page may offer information about a product or service. However, the focus will ultimately remain to direct users towards a sales page.

Some landing pages even feature a “call to action” or purchase button right on the page. Alternatively, some companies may also rely on landing page best practices to streamline mailing list initiatives. This essentially employs the same concepts, but the landing page will include a signup form as opposed to products, services, and purchase information.

How to Rely on a Landing Page Best Practice for an Improved Conversion Rate

Landing pages work to generate conversions with a focus on guiding visitors into a simple call to action. Landing page best practices involves establishing an incentive or offer that a targeted audience may remain challenged to refuse.

Your company should communicate this incentive throughout the landing page. It should appear evident in headlines, H1s, H2s, in the copy, and finally with a call to action. After all, if a target doesn’t understand what the company wants or provides, how can they respond adequately in turn?

When designing a landing page, custom images work the best. A bit of color pop and intriguing creativity can genuinely catch the eye of visitors. This is additionally the best time to test out some custom graphics to direct the viewers’ eyes. 

Nonetheless, ensure that as a landing page best practice, your design is not too cluttered. This could result in your message, ultimately getting lost within a chaotic design. If this happens, you may discover that your landing page results in more lost visitors than actual conversions.

Landing Page Best PracticesThe most crucial portion of any landing page isn’t all that different from the best blog or social media post. Content is king. Landing page copy is the only way to make your company’s landing page discoverable via Google’s search crawlers.

Invigorating copy incorporates primary keywords/phrases while simultaneously energizing an audience. Creative wording, adjectivity, and verbiage can go a long way, especially when you combine these into headlines and subheadings.

Convert More Visitors with Landing Page Best Practices from the Experts at GOA-TECH

A landing page is essentially worth nothing if it doesn’t result in conversions. You will want to convert the majority of the visiting traffic with your landing page. We recommend following some of the tips we outlined in this landing page best practices copy to start with.

Once you successfully create a landing page, the time to promote is NOW. Share links on social media, or via mailing lists with your followers. 

Cultivating an effective landing page, or even a successful marketing campaign is not a singular effort. Some things may work for one site that remains entirely ineffective for another. For this reason, some trial and error may be necessary.

To learn more about creating and implementing landing pages successfully, and how it can help you improve your online marketing, contact our experts from GOA-TECH today!

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