Now That You’ve Made Fire Content, How Do You Share it?

Content Distribution StrategyEstablishing and Implementing a Content Distribution Strategy

If you keep up with the information in our blog, you understand that creating content is only a part of the battle. A more significant challenge that businesses and other marketers face is what to do after they create a truly fire piece of material.

A content distribution strategy, i.e., delivering content to the right people at the proper time, is a crucial component of content marketing. If you can manage to put this into place and build, as well as strengthen the relationship with a targeted audience, this will likely lead them in your desired direction.

Our team from GOA-TECH is sharing some information on cultivating and implementing a content distribution strategy that can substantially help your business. Read on to learn more!

Create Your Very Own Content Distribution Strategy

The first step to properly dispersing your created content is understanding your ultimate goals behind the campaign. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can simply forget any insights that you attain by observing your target audience’s behavior. 

This means determining what distribution channel (think social media platforms) that they prefer. It also concerns what kind of content they want and when. If you previously started on a long-term content marketing strategy, these goals will already hold a place with at least some information about your targeted audience.

The most successful content marketing initiatives utilize a combination of owned or created content, paid content, and earned content. It is vital to the content distribution strategy to keep these in balance.

Owned Content

This could include a company’s owned media channels like a blog, website, or newsletter. However, it extends to platforms like social media accounts and landing pages.

Paid Content

Paid content is when a content distribution strategy relies on advertising that they pay for. This might include Google Ads, or social media advertising to distribute the content.

Earned Content

Earned content involves distributing content through third-party intermediaries. Businesses may rely on guest blog posts, retweets on Twitter, as well as public relations dispersal to generate advertising.

Understanding Where and When to Distribute Content

Content marketers should understand the unique distinctions between social media channels. Social norms and styles may differ vastly in an industry between Facebook, Instagram, etc. For this reason, it remains essential to adapt to these cultural individualities.

Understanding how customers may behave on each platform is an ideal way to gain insight into how a business can position their content on social media platforms. This can vary between each campaign. However, in many scenarios, it’s essential to look at trending information and how users relate to a variety of account information.

Additionally, creating a schedule for content distribution that remains flexible can help adjust to user trends. This also ensures that your company disperses content at the right time. After all, you will want as many eyes as possible on your newest, best, most lit piece of content your team has ever produced before!

Help with Your Business Content Distribution Strategy from GOA-TECH

Content Distribution StrategyThe success of your marketing campaign will ultimately rely on how you can distribute the assets you create. While our experts go on and on about creating quality assets, choosing a distribution channel that works for your brand and audience is essential to put this created media in the hands of followers.

Content is king and remaining informed on everything concerning how users consume content remains crucial. To learn more about how our team approaches a content distribution strategy, contact the professional experts from GOA-TECH today!


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