Seven Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know for 2023

seven digital marketing trends for 2023

When it comes to email, your customers’ inboxes are sacred spaces. And the emails you send? They’re the burnt offering (too far?).

Getting an email banished to the spam folder even a single time can cost you serious credibility, and the more you do it, the harder it will be to recover.

Visual Content is King

With the explosion of smartphones, TVs, speakers, voice, and more in recent years, you’d be insane not to join in on the importance of visual content in digital marketing. 

While you should still show attention to SEO to improve your Google rankings, creating visual content will be more crucial than ever in 2023. 

In fact, Cisco projects that more than 82% of all internet traffic will come from videos in 2023!

Research has shown that people prefer visual content to plain text. If you want proof of this, look at the rise of visual apps like TikTok over the last few years.

Personalization on the Rise Again

Personalization of marketing campaigns and strategies has been at the forefront of marketing trends for the last decade. And yet again, it’s still making our list. 

When a consumer has two similar products thrust in front of them, there is a decision to be made on which will get the purchase. One of the best ways to engage that consumer is by getting to their heartstrings with personal messaging. 

Psychology has told us for generations that people enjoy hearing their name and seeing it written. 

So, whether you’re sending marketing emails or writing a personal message to a loyal customer, always use things like name, company, and email. 

SMS Messaging Overtakes Email Marketing

Text message marketing—or short message service (SMS) marketing—will pay dividends to companies across the nation in 2023. 

That same Cisco study found that open rates for text messages are upwards of 98%, while emails are opened up to 20% of the time. More so, receiving a text invokes a sense of urgency to what you have to say.

As a result, SMS marketing should be included in every business’s marketing toolbelt.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is nothing new, but it now becoming a very common form of shopping. Brands are now becoming savvier and leveraging influencers, creating seamless ads, and finally sending consumers directly to buy right on social media.

Even if you sell services as opposed to products, consumers may not purchase online, but they can certainly be shown visual content on social media that leads to online purchases of your services.

This is a challenging feat, but if you can accelerate your social commerce purchases, you must be intelligent with design, marketing, and content all in one package. If you’re struggling to achieve that, GOA-TECH has the solution for you. 

More Automation than Ever

No, we aren’t referring to a scene from I, Robot, in which robots take over; we’re talking about automation within your technology and marketing efforts. 

Huge advancements happened in 2022 to bring things like answer bots for live chats and voice assistants. 

AI technology, with the help of automation, will be able to take on some of the grunt work your marketing team experiences so they can concentrate on strategy and crafting a fantastic customer experience.

Remember, the human aspect of marketing is still the most critical part of marketing in 2023; however, creating some automation and taking advantage of artificial intelligence will free your team up to start pushing for sales.

Customer Retention

A huge part of providing a great customer experience is ensuring that existing customers are being treated correctly so you can upsell them in the future. Customer experience is on the rise in 2023, thanks to things like reviews.

Loyal customers help increase your brand’s reputation and awareness as they’ll talk about your company and products with their friends and family. Referrals go a long way! On top of that, if you have happy customers leaving happy reviews, more people will start to flock to you. If you have negative reviews from troubled customers, let’s hope you survive. 

More so, statistically speaking, recurring customers are more valuable than new customers. Studies have found that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an old one. So, it’s worth your weight in gold to ensure your current customers are happy as can be!

Hyper-Local Marketing Messaging

Local marketing is an old concept that doesn’t need to be explained deeply. The closer the people are to you, the more inclined they are to purchase your products or utilize your services. 

Even the largest brands in the world recognize the value of tailoring marketing messages to local areas. And search engines like Google have become very good at serving up businesses in the local area whether you’re looking for a local company or not. 

But geolocation services are due to step things up a notch.

Now that everyone has a smartphone, potential customers can be targeted with marketing messages as soon as they’re detected to be within a certain distance from a store. While this seems a bit big-brother-esque, it will certainly help your marketing efforts!

Combining hyper-local tactics with a solid marketing strategy will give you an advantage in your town, city, and county. 

GOA-TECH Has Your Back

At GOA-TECH, we realize how complex this sounds to the average business owner. Trust us; you are not alone if you need clarification about how to get started and ensure your business is keeping up with the ever-changing marketing world.

Visit us online to learn more about how our services can bring your marketing to the next level!

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