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Generating Exposure and Increasing Sales | Tips for Instagram Shopping

Want to try your hand at selling products or services on Instagram? You may wonder where to start or how to make your Instagram Shop a successful one. With Instagram seemingly taking the world by storm with over one billion active users, the platform is no longer simply sharing photos and videos with friends and family.

Instagram enables brands to sell their goods and services directly through Instagram Shopping. Consumers don’t need to leave the app, and Instagram includes several features like a dedicated shopping feed, product tags, in-app checkout, and much more.

These tools remove a significant amount of friction from the marketing funnel, enabling a smooth transition to boost Instagram shopping and transition from discovery to conversion.


Utilizing an Instagram Storefront

Despite its growing popularity, Instagram Shopping is not without its drawbacks. Customers, unfortunately, cannot understand product quality or see whether a product’s size or dimensions fit their needs.

Businesses using Instagram Shopping must turn their Instagram account into a more straightforward storefront. This makes it easy to boost Instagram Shopping efforts by making it easy for consumers to observe and purchase provisions in-app.


Optimize Product Tags

Companies must strategize and plan before acting with any aspect of social media marketing. Possibly the most important tip for Instagram Shopping is to outline a strategy centered on how consumer targets use the Instagram platform.

Most users don’t come to Instagram intending to shop. For this reason, business content must aim to offer users value in other ways that help to drive engagement while building connections with an audience.

Audiences observe content in split seconds, providing marketers with limited time to catch their attention. Encouraging these users to act when they see a product they like is the first step. However, making the process quick and easy for them helps boost Instagram Shopping efforts, helping guide users along and improve their chances to buy.


  • Marketers should remain judicious in the number of product tags they use. Images shouldn’t be overcrowded with tags, making it more difficult for users to tap them.
  • Only tag featured products to avoid potential confusion when people see tags for non-display products.
  • Add product tags to all posts featuring products. This way, users can simply tap on the tag to discover more information about a product without scouring a website.


Improve Product Discoverability with Product Tagged Video

Instagram offers a variety of video marketing benefits. Often, the movement and audio of videos on Instagram makes users delay their feed scrolling, if even just for a few moments.

Marketers can utilize video marketing to boost Instagram Shopping by demonstrating how other consumers make or love products. The best tips for Instagram Shopping include:


  • Answering questions about products and services
  • Creating videos that an audience can learn from
  • Demonstrations on how consumers can use products or the benefits of using these products
  • Offering users insights on the product journey to show how things are made or the unique features of a product

Marketers will want to use various video types when outlining and implementing a content plan. They can rely on Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, and standard feed posts for audiences to consume in the format they prefer.


Remind Users to Save Products to Their Instagram Wishlist

Instagram users may discover products by visiting business profiles or seeing posts with product tags in a feed, Stories, Reels, Explore feature, or IGTV. In the United States, marketers may also tag products during an Instagram Live broadcast.

If users discover something they like, they can save tagged products into a shopping collection called an Instagram Wishlist. This means that users can come back and complete a purchase later. Every time they visit their wish list, they will receive a reminder of the product, particularly useful for goods with a longer consideration period.


Boost Instagram Shopping Efforts | GOA-TECH

Instagram describes their shops as a way users can “See, Tap, and Shop”. This offers consumers the opportunity to discover products on their feed, Stores, Reels, etc.

By tapping on strategized product tags, customers can quickly discover more about a product, browse collections and storefronts, as well as seamlessly finalize a purchase in the last stage of a marketing funnel either in the app or via an eCommerce store.

These tips for Instagram Shopping make things easy for customers, enabling a simple, painless shopping process on the platform.

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