How To Create Your Business Identity & Stand Out On Social Media

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How to Stand Out By Investing in Social media marketing packages

Does the ever-changing world of social media marketing baffle you? Have you ever wondered how certain businesses grab endless eyeballs on social media while others catch nothing but crickets? Do you need help boosting your follower count, engagement, and awareness metrics and converting these vital stats into actual sales with social media marketing packages?

Fear not — broken down into its basic tenets, social media marketing isn’t rocket science, yet has the same potential to catapult your business into the stratosphere. By following this handy guide to creating your business identity through strategic brand management and standing out online through social media marketing packages, you’ll be able to enjoy more quantitative and qualitative relationships with your customer base, see your reputation soar, and kick back as your profits make themselves.

What is social media marketing and brand management?

Social media marketing is a particular kind of digital marketing that capitalizes upon the incredible power of social networks to meet a business’ marketing goals. Whether your aim is to generate quality leads, raise brand awareness, or drive traffic to your website, social media can be highly effective at connecting your business with prospects and customers. However, successful marketing on social media is not achievable by simply posting on your business account on a whim. Social media marketing entails strategies that change with the times complete with quantifiable goals and might include the following tactics:

  • Optimizing your business profile through SMO strategies with proven success rates.
  • Responding to comments, likes, and shares on your posts.
  • Building a community around your brand by following and consistently engaging with your followers, customers, and relevant influencers.
  • Posting content that represents your brand and attracts the audience you want.

This final point is where brand management comes into play. Brand management broadly describes the marketing strategies businesses use to maintain, enhance, and increase brand awareness. From the most basic facets of your brand — such as its visual language — to higher-order elements like your verbal identity, business and product names, taglines, and “voice,” thoughtful brand management tactics used in tandem with social media marketing can increase your customer base dramatically.

What are the benefits of social media marketing and social media optimization?

Being so widely used, versatile, and — perhaps most importantly — free, social media can be one of the most highly effective marketing channels for your business. Some of the benefits of social media marketing include:

  • Increased exposure: Due to its near-ubiquity, social media is the perfect place to pick up customers; there’s an incredibly high chance that members of your target demographic are concentrated on at least one network, ripe for your picking.
  • Higher lead generation and conversions: On networks that enable you to host your shop onsite (such as Facebook and Instagram) and contain features like direct messaging, call-to-action buttons, and appointment booking, your business can generate leads and conversions directly on your profile.
  • Enhanced brand awareness: Building a coherent and attractive visual language is instrumental in the highly visual world of social media; doing so almost certainly translates into marketing campaigns that are successful in the end.
  • A human face: Rather than being an impersonal entity offering products and services to an unengaged customer base, your business can form an accessible persona for users to connect with and trust through its profile, posts, and interactions on social media.
  • Higher quantity and quality of relationships: Social media can open myriad lines of communication with prospects, enabling you to hold discussions, network, gather pertinent feedback, and connect directly with the people most valuable to your business — your customers.
  • Increased traffic: By thoughtfully plastering links all over your profile, attached to calls to action in posts, and embedded within ads, social media can be one of the most effective channels for boosting traffic to your website and thus achieving actual conversions.

Of course, knowing the benefits of social media marketing is useless without knowing how to realize them through actionable strategies with proven success.

What are the essentials of a successful social media marketing strategy?

Though a successful social media marketing strategy will differ for every business, it will inevitably be characterized by the following —

  • A brand identity informed by a clear message, mood, and tone.
  • A structured content strategy that produces content regularly.
  • Insight into your audience — their favorite platforms, how they use them, their taste in content, etc.
  • Regular activity in the form of posts and engagement that remain accurate and relevant with the times.
  • Analytics that can be used to drive marketing strategies in the right direction.
  • An inbound approach that relies on content with value.

With these essentials in mind, it’s time to actually craft your winning strategy.

  • Step 1: Based on your target audience and the platforms popular for your industry, choose the social media channel(s) you’d like to post on. Be sure to only take on platforms you’re sure you can actively keep up with — you can always branch out into more later.
  • Step 2: Set goals and objectives that will allow you to gather insights into your audience by discovering what kind of content works with them, what falls flat, and where you project the most growth in your profile.
  • Step 3: Report analytics and adjust your content strategy accordingly. Identifying which posts generate the highest engagement and your audience demographics will empower you to hone in on your most successful tactics and continue to appeal to users who actively engage with your content while abandoning strategies that miss the mark.
  • Step 4: Create diverse content with real value for your customers. Content can take the form of how-tos, polls, questions, contests, business updates, local and industry news, and more in countless formats including images, videos, stories, streams, and other social media offerings.
  • Step 5: Engage with your community. Customers will only see your business as a living, breathing entity insofar as it acts like one, so respond to comments on your posts; like, share, and comment on your followers’ posts; initiate discussions with polls and relevant questions, and even repost others’ content in moderation.
  • Step 6: Be resourceful. Tap into every content creation tool you can and don’t be afraid to repurpose, repost, and recycle content to fit your needs on various channels at various times.

Give it some time, and with the right effort and insight, your business will take off through means only made possible by social media. Such is the power of social media marketing — the power to stand out in exactly the right place, at just the right time. If you want to reap the benefits of social media for your business, partnering with GOA-TECH is your most ideal option. Book a consultation with us today to learn more about our social media marketing packages.



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