IG Shadowbanning: What Is It and How Do You Avoid It?

Instagram shadowban

The Instagram Shadowban is REAL

As marketers vie for time and space on Instagram to grow their following, they depend on hashtags and the “Explore” features to reach their audience. Unfortunately, sometimes it may seem like their content just doesn’t show up anywhere anymore.

If you feel like your posts are receiving fewer views than before, or perhaps your content doesn’t appear for certain hashtags that you use, you might be experiencing the dreaded Instagram Shadowban.

What is Shadowbanning? Why Does It Happen?

Instagram shadowbanning refers to restrictions placed on user content without informing the user that restrictions took place. Instagram will typically implement a shadowban when a user violates their community guidelines. The social network may also deem some content inappropriate for various reasons.

Shadowbanning means that your content won’t appear on anyone’s feed, Explore, or hashtag pages unless this user already follows you. Instagram utilizes shadowbanning to filter out accounts that don’t comply with their terms. Some previous reasons for an Instagram shadowban include:

  • Buying Followers
  • Hashtag Spamming for Irrelevant Content

Are You Instagram Shadowbanned?

An easy way to determine if your Instagram account is shadowbanned is by posting an image with a lesser-used hashtag. Ask someone who doesn’t follow your account to search for the targeted hashtag. If they cannot see your most recent post in the results, this means you likely suffer from the Instagram shadowban.

This method is a simple way to test if your account received an Instagram shadowban. However, you may also analyze your hashtag pages to see if Instagram posted a message regarding hiding your content, and content featuring specific hashtag use amongst all accounts on Instagram.

Help Your Account Step Out from the Shadowban

To get your account back to normal after Instagram shadowbanning, you want to reverse the damage. Here’s How:

Stop Using Bots and Automated Services

If you currently utilize (or have used) any bots or automated services on the Instagram platform, stop and delete it immediately. You will want to ensure these accounts are not still attached to your Instagram profile.

Simply visit Instagram’s desktop site and click “Edit Profile”, then “Apps and Websites”. If you observe any bot accounts in the “Active” tab, click “Remove” to delete these from your Instagram account entirely.

Avoid Using Banned Hashtags

You can look online for popular lists of Instagram’s currently banned hashtags. Moving forward, ensure you stay selective regarding the hashtags you use on your account. When you feel in doubt, look at the hashtags page for messages outlining potentially hidden content that usually indicates using certain hashtags will result in an Instagram shadowban.

Take a Short Break from Instagram

Some users report taking a full 48-hour break from the Instagram platform can reset the system and get an account back on track. Although staying away from social media usually represents an Instagram no-no… even a short time away for a couple of days is worth a temporary social media cleanse to repair your account.

The Foolproof Way to Avoid Instagram Shadowbanning

It’s simple; follow Instagram’s rules and regulations. Read and follow Instagram’s:

The cliff-noted versions of these pages include tips like:

  • Share content you created or have permission to share
  • Avoid posting false or misleading content
  • Share content that remains appropriate for anyone to see

Avoid and Repair the InstaGram Shadowban | GOA-TECH | Instagram Marketing in Miami

The methods to stay active on social media and follow their guidelines aren’t all that different from tried-and-true marketing methods for effective social media advertising. Post helpful, authentic, compelling content while abiding by best practices to help grow your audience.

This takes a bit longer but slow and steady wins the race, especially when the alternative could mean getting shadowbanned.

Reach out to GOA-TECH, our Instagram Marketing Company in Miami to learn more about how we can help you with branding and outreach issues, in addition to our services related to social media marketing and how we can help you!


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