Four Creative Legal Marketing Ideas for Your Firm

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Law Firm Marketing in 2020 | Grow Your Practice with Creative Legal Marketing Ideas

No matter the size of your law firm, the key to any successful law firm (outside of the actual practice of law, of course) lies in how you market your services and expertise. Brainstorming legal marketing ideas isn’t always easy. It requires creative digital marketing strategies to address challenges in various scenarios.

How do law firms get clients? Effective lawyer marketing services can help take social media platforms intended for connections between individuals, and seemingly basic search engines, and turn them into space where your law firm can promote itself effectively. 

You can rely on our legal marketing services to increase awareness and trust amongst your clients while also gaining new ones. For this reason, GOA-TECH, an attorney marketing firm, is sharing four of our favorite marketing ideas and strategies to increase visibility and quality leads that feel ready to hire an attorney from your legal firm.

Invest in SEO Best Practices

When it comes to any marketing ideas, internet users must find a business they can easily communicate and interact with. With attorneys, you provide services explicitly based on client needs. Relying on this knowledge, we can discuss the first and potentially most important law firm marketing strategy: SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization, is a practice that utilizes customized, goal-oriented strategies that can help your legal website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

No matter if someone needs to find a local spot for coffee or the best attorney for their legal situation, you can bet Google, Siri, and Bing are all in the mix. Your law firm must appear on the first page of Google’s local search listings to obtain the best organic search results. 

Managing SEO takes a notable investment of time that legal professionals typically can’t spare. 

Lawyers spend hours upon hours preparing cases. The best possible solution is hiring a professional attorney marketing firm like our Miami team from GOA-TECH to take over the technical SEO side. With specialized knowledge and the time to get the job done, this ensures your law firm can gain the traffic it deserves. 

The Importance of Creative, Relevant Content Creation

Content marketing for legal firms increases visitors to your firm’s website, increasing leads, conversions, and ROI. Creating reliable, informative content can instill trust and credibility with the firm, an essential component to capturing clients.

Whether or not a user contacts, your firm represents a direct result from the content you generate on your legal site. Your site can make or break you in today’s digital advertising world.

Our favorite legal marketing ideas for your website include:

  • Make Your Content Easy to Read

It is extremely easy for the message to get lost in legal jargon they won’t understand. Always make sure your legal content is easy to read and easy to understand.

  • Make Sure Your Site is Easy to Navigate

Your site navigation is the number one more crucial component in your legal web design. Clients must be able to find and access your contact information since they will undoubtedly want to speak with a representative of your firm before they hire you.

  • List Your Practice Areas

Your clients search out legal professionals due to their legal expertise. It’s a need-based business. The best thing you can do is cut down on their search time and clearly outline your specialties, qualifications, and areas of practice.

Blogs are also an essential aspect of modern internet marketing. Maintaining a relevant, informative blog featuring high-quality content will help you market your law firm as efficiently as possible, drawing in clients to the firm website.

Social Media Marketing and Your Law Firm

Determining the best social media platform to advertise your firm on may depend on your practice areas. Personal injury, estate planning, and family lawyers will likely perform better on a platform like Facebook than a B2B service like LinkedIn.

However, if your attorneys regularly provide legal industry counsel to debt collectors, banks, small businesses, etc., LinkedIn likely serves the firm better than other B2C resources like Twitter or Instagram.

Social media may not represent a firm’s largest legal marketing channel because users remain less inclined to share information about their legal issues online. Nonetheless, social media marketing still serves as a crucial component to present and provide information to their client base.

Integrating Reviews on Your Legal Website

Not that long ago, customers and clients would ask family and friends for lawyer referrals before shopping for and attaining their professional services. These days, internet users dominate the market, just as likely to go online and seek a review or business listing.

Anonymous reviews essentially have as much credibility today as a personal recommendation. You can make the process easy for potential clients by displaying them proudly on your website design, blemishes, and all.

Make sure that your legal website features the most positive reviews prominently. Publish reviews that speak to important topics related to prospective client bases. If well-known individuals and businesses in the community are willing to offer their testimonials, you should use them as a beneficial resource.

Negative reviews may seem like a poor advertisement for the firm. However, you can use this in your favor as well. Swift response and a willingness to remedy issues with unsatisfied clients are a way to spin things towards the positive and demonstrate transparency and a real perspective on the workings and commitment of the firm to its base.

Attorney Marketing in Miami | GOA-TECH Legal Marketing Agency

If you want to grow your legal practice into a more profitable, prosperous firm, you should keep these marketing ideas in mind and consider putting them into practice long-term.

Our team from GOA-TECH is a highly successful online marketing agency based in Miami. The legal marketing experts swear by these marketing ideas. Still, they have so many more ways to help your firm increase its revenue and online presence while cultivating a community with existing and future clients.

We aim to cut down on the time and effort you expend with in-house staff executing what our marketing specialists were made for. Reach out to GOA-TECH today by calling (786) 462-8324.

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