How to Market Your Restaurant During a Pandemic

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Helping Your Restaurant Survive a Pandemic

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is not only affecting businesses in America but all across the globe. Many businesses have been able to transition into teleworking.  Restaurants, however, have been hit especially hard.

The question is, what steps can the restaurant industry take to survive the coronavirus pandemic? GOA-TECH has created a Corona Survival Kit to take restaurant owners from setting up order links on your website to signing up your restaurant for various delivery services.

Read on to learn more from our coronavirus survival kit.

Keeping Patrons Fed During the Coronavirus Pandemic

People still need to eat, and many look forward to their next meal during these unprecedented times. For many, meal planning is the highlight of their day as they remain in their homes for the duration of social distancing.

While restaurant doors remain closed to sit-down diners, restaurants can move online and get creative with digital marketing. Here are some of our favorite ideas at GOA-TECH:

  • The first step to help a restaurant serve patrons is to set up an online shopping cart, checkout, and order link for the restaurant’s website. This setup will enable customers to order food and meal packages online.
  • With the rise of delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats, these services help restaurants keep their business up and running. 

So, getting listed on some favorite delivery apps that serve the restaurant’s area is a must.

  • A great way to reach out and contact patrons as they remain in their home is through creative, digital marketing with social media and email blasts.

After all, Americans are in their homes, spending more time on the internet.  Sending an email to clients outlining how the restaurant staff and management are handling COVID-19, as well as how they can support their favorite restaurant, is a great way to stay in touch. 

It’s also a way to let customers know about delivery and contactless curbside pickup, family meal delivery options, and specials. 

  • Finally, restaurants can reach out and interact with customers through social media ads. This will help the business target the audience where they spend most of their time. 

Managing social media accounts across all platforms will also enable your restaurant to share some of the day-to-day happenings with customers, such as sharing recipes, showing food preparations, and more.  

Shifting to New Markets and Services – Help Your Restaurant Through COVID-19

Many businesses are built to survive during a pandemic. 

Food delivery apps like the ones we mentioned earlier and eCommerce sites are designed to offer the most when people are stuck in their homes.

When your business begins to experience the negative economic impacts of COVID-19, it’s time to shift directions. Always stay in touch with clients to inform them of any steps or precautions that you take. 

Also, remind them of any temporary setbacks, and that you intend to continue business as usual once “real life” resumes again.

It’s important to note that customers are longing for anything that can make quarantine more bearable and provide a sense of normalcy. 

For restaurants, this can mean offering curbside pickup and meal delivery, as well as cultivating and implementing new packages for families that don’t want to cook. It could also mean providing content on your meal prep and cooking procedures to help consumers while even entertaining them.

Your restaurant can use this opportunity to get creative while also saving time and money through outsourcing and digital marketing.

Use this time as a chance to get in front of your customers and solidify your relationship. Let them know you are in it together with them.

To learn more information regarding creative ideas and digital marketing during these tough times, contact our professional advertising and design team from GOA-TECH today! Stay safe, and don’t forget to visit www.goa-tech.com for more information.

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