Working Remotely During Coronavirus

Working Remotely

Working Remotely

Companies around the United States have implemented mandatory remote work orders for employees as part of the efforts to combat the Coronavirus.

Many businesses and their employees are working remotely for the first time, and are looking for ways to stay productive.

Here are some helpful tips on working remotely and how you can effectively work in a new environment.

Technology is Your New Best Friend

In your regular day-to-day work life, you may not have relied on technology as much to complete your tasks and deadlines. When it comes to working remotely, however, technology will likely become the center of your work life, requiring you to adapt as quickly as possible.

Depending on how familiar you are with technology, this can be easy or hard for you, so don’t feel bad about yourself if it’s challenging to get over that initial learning curve. There are several easy, accessible, low-cost ways to communicate with your coworkers virtually, as well as collaborate on projects together through various software programs. Google Drive, for example, is quite similar to Microsoft Office’s software line of programs.

Google Drive acts as a centralized place for you and your team to work together by sharing, editing, commenting, and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, and more. Because Google drive and its line of software programs are all online, none of these documents and spreadsheets take up space on your computer, and the programs save your work automatically.

Google Drive helps you achieve the best results for working remotely as you really can work from anywhere. Whether it’s through your desktop or apps on your mobile device, working remotely can be easy and stress-free.

Work Distraction-Free

The great thing about going to work every day and working from your designated office or workspace is that there are fewer distractions there than there would be at home.

For many of us, this is why it can be hard to be productive at home and focus on our work lives.

While it can be tempting to work on your laptop from your bed or couch, studies show we are far more productive when we have a dedicated space where we can sit upright.

Set up a desk or corner in your home that is free of distractions, and if possible, try to make it feel and look like your typical office or workspace outside of your home.

Many people even feel more productive at home when they get ready in the morning like they would for any other workday.

If waking up early, picking out your work outfit, and doing your hair and makeup makes you feel like you’re going to work, it can help you be more focused while working remotely.

Stay productive when working remotely by setting up a distraction-free workspace.

Communication is Key

Going back to how helpful technology can be, keeping up communication with your coworkers and your boss is of the utmost importance in a time like this.

Along with all of Google’s other software, it also provides a way to have conference calls with your team at any time.

“Google Hangouts” is accessible on your mobile devices or desktop, and you can even cast your computer screen if you want to show your team a presentation or document during the conference.

Like Google Hangouts, Zoom is another popular video and audio-conferencing tool, able to host up to 100 participants for free.

Through Zoom, you can create a recurring digital meeting room and collaborate with screen-sharing and a whiteboard.
With HD voice and video for free, Zoom allows you to send private messages and create breakout rooms for periods of individual collaboration among team members.

When it comes to communication with your coworkers, have clear directions, and talk to each other daily. Consider a quick chat with your staff at the beginning and end of each day to maintain expectations.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Foster the team spirit while working remotely to have a better “team” mentality.

Maintain morale among your staff by creating group chats that replicate the water cooler as a place to gather and share.

Collaboration and efficient teamwork are key—now more than ever.

To keep spirits high and keep your team engaged, have unique icebreakers at the beginning of your weekly or daily meetings.

While you’ll be communicating virtually, your team will still have a chance to catch up and interact with each other just like they usually would.

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